Kidney scam: One more staff of doctor detained

The Delhi Police has detained one more staff of a doctor working at the city-based Indraprastha Apollo hospital in connection with the kidney racket busted a week ago, a senior police officer said on Friday.

Pune's first incompatible blood group kidney transplant performed

For the first time in Pune, an incompatible blood group kidney transplant was performed on 9-year-old Girish Thorat, a padiatric patient. The kidney was donated by his maternal grandmother.

How many hospitals in India are involved in kidney racket?

Watch and know how many hospitals in the country are involved in kidney racket.

Kidney racket revealed in Apollo hospital

Watch this bulletin and catch all the latest news and updates here.

Inflammatory reasons for diabetic kidney disease revealed

 A team of researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, has identified key inflammatory mechanisms underlying Type 1 diabetes and obesity-related kidney dysfunction.

Kidneys' innate clock affects body's metabolic processes

The findings were published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Special report on 'World Kidney Day'-DNA

Watch this special segment on the eve of world kidney day which shows an initiative of donating organs can safe many life.
To know more watch this full video here.

World's first artificial kidney built using microchip - Watch how the device works!

The device may in the near future help kidney patients avoid dialysis.

UP woman volunteers to donate kidney to Siachen avalanche survivor

A woman from Uttar Pradesh has volunteered to donate a kidney to save the brave soldier.

Kidneys from brain dead patient transplanted in 2 patients

Organs of a 34-year-old brain dead woman patient have been harvested and transplanted to two patients at the centrally administered JIPMER in coordination with police of neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Grilled or barbecued meat may up kidney cancer risk

Cancer patients consume more cancer-causing chemicals that are produced when meat is pan-fried, grilled or barbecued.

2 green corridors created in Indore for organ transportation

Probably for first time in the country, two green corridors were created simultaneously here today for separate transport of a liver and a kidney, donated by kin of a 59-year-old man, for their transplantation in two persons.

Advanced kidney disease may make you poor

Advanced chronic kidney disease are the significant predictors of falling into poverty, as are the black ethnicity, low educational attainment, single adult household and low income, according to a recent study.

Less sleep may affect kidney

 Shorter sleep duration can lead to a more rapid decline in kidney function, says a new study.

Metal-based compound to fight kidney cancer

 Researchers have developed a promising titanium and gold based compound that destroys kidney cancer cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed.

Bizarre! Two Chinese men try to sell kidney for latest iPhone 6s

In a bizarre incident, two men in China's eastern Jiangsu Province apparently tried to sell their kidney for Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 6s.

Only one percent Indians donate organs: Experts

 Only one percent of Indians donate their organs after death while in western nations around 70-80 percent of the people pledge their organs, according to health experts.

Love against all odds: Hindu-Muslim couple with kidney ailment get married

This couple from Rajasthan finds love in hospital, and then gets married despite their parents' disapproval due to religious differences.

New treatment for inherited kidney disease

A new treatment which involves targeting tiny blood vessels inside the kidneys may slow down the progression of an inherited kidney disease that is affecting around 12.5 million individuals worldwide, research has found.

Tree bark extract holds promise for bladder, kidney cancer patients

Two new studies have shown that botanical extract honokiol, a biologically active molecule isolated from the bark of Magnolia spp., holds promise as an adjunct treatment for aggressive bladder and kidney cancers.