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Argentine teacher stabbed to death in front of toddlers

A businessman with a history of mental illness rushed into a kindergarten and stabbed his ex-partner to death in front of a group of petrified three- and four-year-old children in Argentina on Wednesday.

Was given shotgun at age of six: Brad Pitt

Was given shotgun at age of six: Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt did not play with cars or bikes as a child -- but with guns. The actor says that he owned his first shotgun when he was in kindergarten.

Ukraine soldier killed in `kindergarten` rebel attack

A Ukrainian soldier was killed when rebels staked out in a kindergarten shelled a military checkpoint near the rebel flashpoint of Slavyansk on Monday, the defence ministry said.

Kindergarten in China closed down for giving antiviral drugs

A kindergarten has been closed in northeast China for administering antiviral drugs to children that led to a host of medical problems like leg pain and nose bleeding among them, officials said.

Kindergarten ordered to pay damages over death in Japan tsunami

A Japanese court Tuesday ordered a kindergarten in Miyagi Prefecture, hit hard by a major quake and tsunami in 2011, to pay 17,19,055 USD in damages over the death of four children in a bus that was swamped by high waves.

Russian kindergarten shooter killed by police

A man who shot at a kindergarten in Russia`s Bashkiria region was killed by return fire in a special police operation Monday.

China closes kindergarten after fatal van crash

Chinese authorities on Tuesday ordered the closure of a privately-run kindergarten in eastern Jiangxi Province.

Chinese kindergarten attacker charged

The man is accused of killing 3 kids in an attack on a kindergarten in China.

Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China

A knife-wielding man wounded 28 children and three adults on Thursday at a kindergarten in eastern Jiangsu province, the second such violent assault at a Chinese school in two days.