Talking Japanese space robot back on Earth
Talking Japanese space robot back on Earth

A pint-sized Japanese robot that became the first android to converse with an astronaut in space has returned to Earth after 18 months in orbit, project organisers said Thursday.

Japan`s robot astronaut awaiting `compatriot` spaceman

The world`s first robot astronaut is pining for a conversation partner as he waits for Japanese spaceman Koichi Wakata aboard the International Space Station.

Robot-astronaut pays tribute to Neil Armstrong with message from ISS

Pint-sized android `Kirobo` paid a cheeky tribute to Neil Armstrong by broadcasting a message from inside the International Space Station (ISS).

First talking `robot astronaut` takes off for International Space Station

The world`s first talking robot "astronaut" blasted off for the International Space Station on Sunday.

World`s first talking robot-astronaut ready to go to space

In a world first, Japan is set to send a talking robot-astronaut to the
International Space Station to conduct the first conversation between a human and a robot in outer space.