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North, South Korea agree to high-level talks next month

An official in Seoul said the two sides would meet at the deputy minister level on December 11 in the Kaesong joint industrial zone, just inside North Korea.

North Korea "demanded $10 billion in cash and food" for summit with South

 North Korea demanded $10 billion in cash and half a million tons of food in 2009 as a precondition of holding a summit with the South, former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak said, adding that he refused to pay anything for holding talks.

US experts, N Korean officials hold informal talks

US experts met with officials from North Korea for informal talks in London on Wednesday over the resumption of stalled international discussions on Pyongyang`s nuclear program.

South Korea troops kill man trying to swim to North

South Korean troops shot dead a man trying to swim across a border river into North Korea on Monday after he ignored warnings, a defence ministry spokesman said.

Two Koreas fail to reach agreement on Kaesong

North and South Korea failed today to reach agreement on reopening a jointly-run industrial estate, dimming hopes of an early improvement in ties after months of friction.

Two Koreas in talks on potential volcano threat

North and South Korea began talks
Tuesday about a potential volcanic threat from the peninsula`s highest mountain, in a rare moment of cooperation after months of confrontation.

Korea talks "collapse" in setback for nuclear dialogue

The North Korea`s delegation walked out ending the talks in a fiasco.

China hopes talks between two Koreas will be successful

China said it hopes that
the preparatory meeting ahead of high-level military talks
between the South and North Koreas would achieve positive

Koreas agree to hold working-level military talks Feb 8

South and North Korea agreed to
hold working-level military talks on Feb 8 in what would be their first dialogue since the North`s deadly
artillery attack on a border island.

Two Koreas and US forces lower alert: Report

S Korean and US forces have downgraded their defensive alert seeing positive signs from North.

US envoy says he had productive talks on Koreas

A US envoy said he had productive talks with Japanese officials Friday about the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Koreas restores hot line, sign of easing tension

The two Koreas restored a key hot line that had been severed after March`s deadly sinking of a South Korean warship.

Two Koreas fail to agree amid military tensions

North and South Korea have failed to reach agreement in talks about upgrading their joint industrial estate, amid military tensions sparked by the communist state`s artillery barrage last week.

Endangered species found in demilitarized zone between Koreas

Dozens of endangered species almost extinct elsewhere in South Korea have been found in the South Korean part of the Demilitarized Zone.

Koreas normalize military hotline

S and N Korea reopened their military hotline in a western district that was disconnected by Pyongyang more than a year ago.