Car bomb explodes in centre of Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil: Report

A car bomb exploded in the centre of the Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil on Wednesday, killing several people, local television reported.

UN hails `important` step in Baghdad-Kurd row

An initial deal between Iraq`s autonomous Kurdish region and Baghdad aimed at resolving long-standing budget and oil disputes is "a very important first step," the United Nations said on Friday.

Iraqi Kurds approve sending fighters to aid Syrian town Kobane
Iraqi Kurds approve sending fighters to aid Syrian town Kobane

 Iraqi Kurdish lawmakers approved a plan on Wednesday to send fighters to the Syrian town of Kobane to relieve fellow Kurds under attack by Islamic State militants, marking the semi-autonomous region`s first military foray into Syria`s war.

Islamic State jihadists kill at least 10 in attack on Kurdish-held Iraq town

The Islamic State jihadist group on Monday attacked the Kurdish-controlled town of Qara Tapah, northeast of Baghdad, killing at least seven peshmerga troops and three civilians, officials said.

Kurds clash with Turkish police, 14 dead

Turkish news agencies say at least 14 people have died and scores were injured in clashes between Turkish police and Kurdish protesters.

Syria border town Kobane `about to fall`, UN envoy urges action
Syria border town Kobane `about to fall`, UN envoy urges action

Jihadists are on the verge of seizing the key Syrian border town of Kobane, neighbouring Turkey has warned, prompting the UN envoy to Syria to appeal for immediate international action to prevent its fall.

'Fighting in Syria`s Kobane spreads to south, west'

Fighting between Islamic State group jihadists and Kurdish militia in the key Syrian border town of Kobane has spread to new areas in the south and west, a monitor said on Tuesday.

'10 dead as Kurds battle IS for Syria border town'

Fierce fighting between Kurdish militia and Islamic State jihadists for a strategic Syrian border town killed at least 10 people overnight, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

Kurd troops attack Iraq jihadists on three fronts: Officers

Kurdish troops launched offensives against the Islamic State jihadist group on three fronts in northern Iraq on Tuesday, senior officers told AFP.

Three police killed after ambush in Turkey's Kurdish southeast

Three Turkish police were killed after an ambush in Turkey's overwhelmingly Kurdish southeast, amid renewed strains between the authorities and rebels fighting for self-rule, reports said today.

Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite US strikes

US and coalition planes pounded Islamic State positions in Syria again on Wednesday, but the strikes did not halt the fighters` advance in a Kurdish area where fleeing refugees told of villages burnt and captives beheaded.

Netherlands to contribute F-16 fighter planes to counter IS: Report

The Netherlands will consider contributing F-16 fighter jets and arms for Kurdish fighters to help counter the rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a Dutch newspaper reported on Thursday.

Germany against Iraq`s Kurds forming independent state

Germany is opposed to the formation of an independent state by Iraq`s Kurds, who are currently battling Islamic State jihadists with Western help, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Sunday.

US confirms fresh airstrikes against IS fighters near Arbil

United States warplanes and drones pummeled Islamic State militants near Arbil in a fresh wave of airstrikes on Sunday, destroying armed trucks and a mortar position, the US military confirmed.

Iraq`s new president Masum: Thinker and fighter

Quiet and bookish, Iraq`s president-elect Fuad Masum is different from jocular incumbent Jalal Talabani, but sharp political skills forged in the long battle for Kurdish self-determination are common to both.

Kurds agree on Fuad Masum for Iraq president: Official

Veteran Iraqi politician Fuad Masum was almost guaranteed to become Iraq`s next president after the main Kurdish blocs in parliament agreed on his candidacy Thursday.

Iraqi Kurdistan`s independence would be `catastrophic`: Egypt President

Egypt`s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned the independence of Iraq`s Kurdish region would be "catastrophic" and cause the Middle East to splinter along ethnic and religious lines, newspapers reported Monday.

Iraq chaos fuels Kurds` independence dream, but hurdles remain

A grave, freshly dug and adorned with pebbles, is the modest tribute to one more sacrifice in the long history of struggle for an independent Kurdish state.

AI sending Boeing 777 plane to bring back nurses from Iraq

Air India is sending a Boeing 777 aircraft to bring back 46 nurses and other Indians stranded in strife-torn Iraq.

Indian workers in Iraq face wrath of locals

Forty seven Indian workers in Kurdistan in strife-torn Iraq are facing attacks from local workers as the Iraqis feel they are taking away their jobs, a Kerala worker said, adding they wanted to return to India.