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Turkey carries out air strikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq - NTV

Turkey carries out air strikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq - NTV

"Turkey`s military carried out air strikes against members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, killing 20 militants", broadcaster NTV said on Wednesday.

Turkey offers US joint Syria operation -- without the Kurds

"The subject we are discussing with the Americans is the closure of the Manbij pocket as soon as possible... and the opening of a second front."

Car bomb wounds several at gendarmes base in Turkey - official

A vehicle laden with explosives rammed into a gendarmes` base in Turkey`s mainly Kurdish southeast on Monday, wounding several people, a security source said.

Key players in Syria`s multi-front war

Syria`s war has in five years spiralled into a complex, multi-front conflict, with regime forces, rebels, Kurds and jihadists carving out zones of control as world powers conduct air campaigns.

Turkey rolls back curfew in mainly Kurdish town

Turkey is rolling back a 24-hour curfew imposed on the mainly Kurdish town of Cizre nearly three weeks after declaring the successful conclusion of military operations there.

Kurdish special forces rescue teenage Swedish girl from Islamic State

Kurdish special forces rescue teenage Swedish girl from Islamic State

A teenage Swedish girl being held by Islamic State militants in Iraq was rescued in a raid by Kurdish special forces last week, the autonomous region`s security council said in a statement on Tuesday.

Syria conflict takes Kurds towards autonomy

Syria conflict takes Kurds towards autonomy

Kurdish forces have seized on the collapse of rebels in the northern province of Aleppo.

Turkish soldiers clash with Kurdish militants crossing from Syria

 One Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded when security forces clashed with Kurdish militants crossing over from Syria, the army said on Wednesday, hours after Ankara summoned the US ambassador over Washington`s support for Syrian Kurds.

Amnesty says Kurds conduct campaign to uproot Arabs in north Iraq

Kurdish forces have bulldozed, blown up and burned down thousands of Arab homes across northern Iraq in what may constitute a war crime, human rights watchdog Amnesty International said in a report published on Wednesday. 

Five police killed by Kurdish militants in Turkey`s southeast

Five Turkish police officers were killed in two bomb attacks by Kurdish militants in the country`s southeast overnight, Turkish security sources said Wednesday.

Suicide bomber targets Kurdish security agency in Syria

A suicide bomber set off a truck bomb outside offices of a Kurdish security agency in northeastern Syria on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, a Kurdish official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

On prison island, Kurdish leader sidelined as peace unravels

 With a ceasefire between Turkey and Kurdistan Workers` Party (PKK) militants in tatters, the man who could hold the key to restarting the peace process is sidelined and increasingly isolated on a heavily fortified prison island.

Syria regime, Kurds join to fight Islamic State in Hasakeh

Syria regime, Kurds join to fight Islamic State in Hasakeh

In two districts of Syria`s Hasakeh city, Kurdish fighters and regime forces rest before returning to battle the Islamic State group, a shared enemy being fought jointly for the first time.

Iraq Kurds expel some suspected Islamic State supporters from villages

The four men helped each other clamber up the far side of a trench into the no-man`s land between frontlines in northern Iraq, fearing what lay ahead but unable to turn back.

Kurds take Syria military base near Islamic State stronghold

Kurds take Syria military base near Islamic State stronghold

Kurdish fighters and their allies have captured a Syrian military base once held by the Islamic State group, activists and officials said today, moving within some 50 kilometers of the extremists' de facto capital.

Kurds emerge as key force in fight against IS `caliphate`

Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria have emerged as some of the most effective forces battling the Islamic State jihadist group in the year since IS declared a cross-border "caliphate".

American fighting with Kurds killed in Islamic State battle

An American fighting with Kurdish forces against the Islamic State group in Syria has been killed in battle, authorities said today, likely the first US citizen to die fighting alongside them against the extremists.

Kurdish president warns Iraq's unity not guaranteed

President of the autonomous Iraqi province of Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, has warned Washington that the unity of Iraq is "voluntary and not compulsory" after the White House insisted on the need for a united Iraq to counter jihadis.

US reaffirms support for Iraq's unification

 The Obama administration reaffirmed its support for a united Iraq, voicing opposition to its Kurdistan region`s aspiration for independence.

Car bomb targets US consulate in Iraq's Erbil: Mayor

A car bombing targeting the US consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan`s capital Erbil killed one person and wounded five on Friday, the local mayor said.