Excited to meet PM Shinzo Abe, have warm memories of Japan: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday expressed his excitement to meet his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe through a series of tweets on a social networking site Twitter, stating he see his visit as an opportunity to strengthen ties between the two nations.

Forty Japanese injured by blast at fireworks show: Report

At least 40 people were injured Thursday evening by an explosion probably caused by a gas cylinder just before a fireworks display in Japan`s Kyoto prefecture, reports said.

World`s oldest man dies in Japan at 116

World`s oldest person in recorded history - 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura - died of natural causes in his hometown in western Japan.

Greenhouse gases soar; no signs warming is slowed

Heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are building up so high, so fast, that some scientists now think the world can no longer limit global warming to the level world leaders have agreed upon as safe.

Mysterious draft adds to climate suspense

Developing countries are angry that a draft text has been prepared by the Danish has not been circulated.

We`re more ambitious than Kyoto: EU

EU has categorically stated that it prefers a single agreement that "goes beyond Kyoto", following protest by environment ministers of BASIC countries and Africa that negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol were being ignored.

Climate talks: India against amending Kyoto Protocol

India opposed any amendment to the Kyoto Protocol as the environment ministers would seek to give a political push to the negotiations.

Majority of nations want continuation of Kyoto Protocol: Boer

A top UN official has said
extension of the Kyoto Protocol into a second commitment
period represents the will of a majority of countries, who
also want a "prompt start" to financing of clean technologies.

India, China strengthen position on climate change

Heated debates would dominate the Copenhagen summit with developing nations to pre-empt developed nations` move on binding carbon emission cuts.

No compromise on dev, but will control emissions: PM

Developing countries cannot and will not compromise on development. But India must do its bit to keep its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within levels that are sustainable and equitable, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said.

Industrialised nations` CO2 emissions rose in 2007

Carbon emissions by industrialised nations increased one percent in 2007, a "worrying" rise ahead of a crunch climate summit in Copenhagen in December, the UN climate agency said on Wednesday.