Kyrgyz ex-president sentenced to life imprisonment

A Kyrgyz military court Friday sentenced in absentia the country`s former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, his brother Janysh Bakiyev and former prime minister Daniyar Usenov to life imprisonment.

Kyrgyzstan`s ex-president sentenced to life

A former president of Kyrgyzstan has been convicted and sentenced in absentia to life in prison for his role in violently breaking up an opposition rally, resulting in 77 deaths.

Democracy falling in ex-Soviet countries: Survey

Democracy is declining in many nations that emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union as governments take their cue from an increasingly repressive Russia, a new poll said Wednesday.

US shuts Afghan transit base in Kyrgyzstan

The United States on Tuesday shut its Airforce base in Kyrgyzstan that had been the main transit point for military personnel and cargo headed to Afghanistan for 12 years.

Kyrgyzstan national charged with hampering Boston bombing probe

U.S. officials on Friday charged a Kyrgyzstan national who bought dinner for the accused Boston Marathon bombers the night of the attack with interfering with the investigation into the deadly bombing.

US bombing suspect: Can`t use `betrayal` argument

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev say federal prosecutors shouldn`t be allowed to use his status as a new American citizen to argue that his alleged "betrayal" of the United States is one reason he should be put to death.

US secures airbase in Romania, begins pull out from Kyrgyzstan

The US will use a Romanian airbase on the Black Sea as a transit point for its troops leaving Afghanistan as it winds up operations at another base in Kyrgyzstan, the Pentagon said on Saturday.

Kyrgyzstan votes to close US base in 2014

Kyrgyzstan`s parliament voted not to renew the lease of its Manas airbase from 2014 to United States, which uses it to ferry troops and equipment for the coalition military campaign in Afghanistan.

US refuelling plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan

A US military Boeing KC-135 refuelling aircraft crashed in a mountainous area in Kyrgyzstan for unspecified reasons, the US Air Force said. The fate of the crew remained unclear.

`Chechen brothers constructed weapons inside US`

The two Chechen brothers - one a naturalised resident and other a lawful resident - allegedly constructed sophisticated weapons inside the US, a top American Senator has said.

Uzbeks attack Kyrgyz border post

Several hundred residents from the Uzbek enclave of Sokh Sunday attacked a Kyrgyz border guard base, reports said Monday.

Ex-Kyrgyz president`s son arrested in London

Bakiyev`s son has been arrested in London following accusations of grave crimes, the Kyrgyz presidential press service has reported.

Kyrgyz ex-prosecutor held on coup charge

Kyrgyzstan`s former military prosecutor Kubatbek Kozhonaliyev has been arrested over an alleged coup attempt.

Kyrgyzstan bans gay documentary

A Kyrgyzstan court Friday banned a documentary on gay Muslims from being shown in the country.

Kyrgyzstan bans gay documentary

A Kyrgyzstan court banned a documentary on gay Muslims from being shown in the country.

Belarusian embassy in Kyrgyzstan attacked

Relatives of victims of 2010 uprising in Kyrgyzstan threw stones at the embassy demanding extradition of the former Kyrgyz president and his brother.

Kyrgyz party accuses PM of taking horse as bribe

A party in Kyrgyzstan`s fragile ruling coalition accused the PM of granting government contracts in exchange for a racehorse, accusations he denied.

Russia assails US ambassador

The US ambassador to Russia said Moscow had offered money to the leader of Kyrgyzstan for removing an American base from its soil.

24,000 `stolen` brides in Kyrgyzstan in three year

About 20 percent of all marriages in Kyrgyzstan are forced, according to rights activist Alexandra Yefrenko.

Fate of US base not only about money: Kyrgyzstan

The president of Kyrgyzstan says keeping the US air base in his country beyond June 2014 depends on how developments in Afghanistan affect regional stability as well as increases in rental payments.