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Feature phones may see price rise on supply concerns

Feature phones may see price rise on supply concerns

Prices of feature phones are expected to rise up to 5 per cent soon as decline in supply of key components from China following closure of some factories is jacking up material costs, industry players said.

Soon, car LCD screens to work in extreme cold, heat

An inventor from the University of Central Florida has solved a stubborn problem of how to keep the electronic displays in your car working whether you are driving in the frigid depths of winter or under the broiling desert sun.

Indian industry sees green shoots of manufacturing growth

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Sunday said that green shoots have started to appear in the manufacturing sector, with a majority of segments likely to post higher output.

Forget 3D, coming soon: The QD TV!

Forget 3D, coming soon, the QD TV, say British scientists who have developed a technology which they claim could be used to produce TV that can be rolled up and carried in a pocket.