UK's Labour backs down on vote on scrapping nuclear weapons

Britain's Labour Party has decided to leave the country's nuclear weapons alone.

UK`s Labour gears up for watershed conference

Britain`s opposition Labour Party will on Sunday begin its most fractious annual conference in a generation following the recent landslide election of leftwing radical Jeremy Corbyn as its leader.

Poll shows little UK support for new opposition leader as future PM

Almost three in four people do not believe that the new leader of Britain`s opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, looks like a prime minister-in-waiting, according to a poll published in The Independent newspaper on Saturday.

British PM, new opposition leader spar politely in Parliament's ritual joust

 The new leader of Britain`s opposition Labour Party, veteran leftist Jeremy Corbyn, confronted Prime Minister David Cameron in parliament for the first time on Wednesday and said the house`s raucous weekly question-and-answer session should be less theatrical and more about hearing ordinary people`s voices.

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to face UK PM David Cameron in Parliament

Newly elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn faces his first head-to-head confrontation with Prime Minister David Cameron in Britain's Parliament today.

Corbyn says ''no blank cheque'' for Cameron on Britain's EU membership

The new left-wing leader of Britain`s opposition Labour party said on Monday it should not automatically support any deal negotiated by Prime Minister David Cameron for Britain to remain in the European Union.

Corbyn win shakes up UK Labour as Blair`s shadow fades

Anti-austerity leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn`s crushing win to become leader of Britain`s opposition Labour could divide his party`s MPs but give a boost to its grassroots power, commentators said on Sunday.

UK`s Labour expected to anoint leftist Corbyn as leader

Britain`s main opposition Labour party was expected to name radical leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader Saturday, embracing the anti-austerity sentiment sweeping Europe but threatening deep splits ahead.

Labour leadership favourite vows to apologise on Iraq war

Jeremy Corbyn, a leftwinger touted to head Britain`s main opposition Labour party, said Friday he would apologise over the Iraq war if he wins next month`s leadership contest.

UK`s Labour starts leadership vote with left-winger in front

 Britain`s main opposition Labour party starts voting for a new leader Friday, with Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who would move the party significantly to the left, favourite to win.

Left-wing wild card leaps ahead in UK opposition race: Poll

A left-wing lawmaker who entered the leadership race of Britain`s opposition Labour party as a wild card may be on course to win with a commanding lead, a poll showed late Monday.

Deadline for Britain`s Labour leadership contenders

 Nominations for the leadership of Britain`s main opposition Labour Party close on Monday, with up to four runners expected to battle it out over the coming months.

UK opposition Labour to run separate pro-EU campaign

The opposition Labour Party will run a separate campaign to keep Britain inside the EU when the country holds a referendum on the issue, the party said on Tuesday, ruling out sharing a platform with Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

Britain`s Labour to name new leader in September

Britain`s opposition Labour will name its new leader on September 12 after Ed Miliband resigned in the wake of last week`s bruising election defeat, the party`s executive committee said Wednesday.

Australia looks to avoid voter backlash with `fair` budget

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey insisted Tuesday he will deliver a "responsible and fair" budget as the government battles to juggle slumping revenue and a huge deficit while avoiding a voter backlash.

Tony Blair says UK's Labour must reclaim centre ground

 Britain`s Labour Party must return to the political centre ground if it is to rebuild support after suffering a crushing defeat in Thursday`s general election, former Labour prime minister Tony Blair said in an article published on Sunday.

Britain wakes to new era after Cameron`s shock victory

 Britain awoke to a new political landscape on Saturday after a shock election victory for Prime Minister David Cameron that decapitated the opposition and bolstered secessionists in Scotland.

What British election results mean for science

Although not all the political ramifications are clear, scientists should expect an emphasis on austerity allied to economic growth -- a central pillar of the Conservative-led coalition government of the past five years, scientific journal Nature has reported.

David Cameron plans his new one-party Cabinet
David Cameron plans his new one-party Cabinet

Newly re-elected British Prime Minister David Cameron is working out his first one-party Cabinet made up of Conservative party MPs without any Liberal Democrat coalition considerations of the past.

Mhairi Black: British parliament's youngest MP since 1667

A 20-year-old student belonging to the Scottish National Party (SNP) has become the youngest MP since 1667 after winning the Paisley and Renfrewshire South seat from the Labour Party`s campaign chief Douglas Alexander in the British general election.