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Railway in deadly Quebec explosion files for bankruptcy

The railway whose runaway train killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, last month filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada and the United States.

Canadians pay homage to rail tragedy victims

Canadians paid their respects to victims of a deadly rail disaster that devastated the lakeside village of Lac-Megantic exactly one week ago.

Sixty dead or missing in Canada train disaster

The number of dead or missing after the runaway oil tanker train disaster in a small Canadian town has risen to 60, police announced.

Canada PM calls train blast area a `war zone`

The train`s 72 oil-filled tanker cars somehow came loose early Saturday morning, sped downhill nearly seven miles (11 kilometers) into the town, derailed and began exploding one by one.

Canada oil train derailment death toll rises

Two more bodies were recovered ovenight after the runaway train carrying crude oil derailed in Lac-Megantic town of Canada, causing a cascade of oil tanker blasts, said police officials.