Projects sanctioned for conservation of 62 lakes: Govt

The government today said that it has so far sanctioned projects for conservation of 62 lakes in 14 states across the country.

Lakes discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet

Researchers have for the first time discovered two subglacial lakes hiding 800 metres below the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Sikkim revives dying mountain springs, lakes

Sikkim government has given a fresh lease of life to dying mountain springs and lakes for ensuring water security in the Himalayan region.

`Ensure encroachment-free water bodies`

The Delhi High Court has directed the city police to ensure that water bodies like lakes and ponds are not encroached upon or allotted in future to make good the deficiency of land during consolidation proceedings.

4,699 high altitude lakes in Himalayas mapped

As many as 4,699 lakes in the Indian Himalayan region at an altitude above 3000-m above mean sea level have been found in an ISRO study revealing the wonders of Himalayas.

Scientists plan to sail the lakes of Titan

After the successful landing of `Curiosity` rover on Mars, scientists now plan to navigate the seas of Saturn`s largest moon, Titan.

J-K govt draws plan for Mansar-Surinsar lakes

The Jammu and Kashmir government has
formulated a draft master plan for the development of Mansar
and Surinsar twin lakes.

New finding on how seas, lakes developed on Mars

Researchers have discovered new explanation for how seas and lakes may have once developed on Mars.

Water level in Mumbai lakes improves drastically

The six lakes supplying water to
the metropolis are 90 per cent full thanks to bountiful rains
this monsoon.

Mumbai lakes receive rainfall

The water-parched metropolis had
something to cheer as the catchment areas of the lakes
received rainfall on Monday.

Many lakes have `disappeared` in Bangalore: Study

Many of the lakes in the city have "disappeared" along with their water-spreads due to the rapid and unbridled urbanisation here, a study said.

Geoengineering may endanger marine life by decreasing oxygen in lakes

A team of scientists has claimed that geoengineering our climate with the help of volcanoes may result in a decrease in the level of oxygen in lakes, threatening marine life.

Australian lakes may hold clues to life on Mars

In a new research, a team of scientists is studying organisms found in Australian Lakes, which they believe may hold clues to life on Mars.