Lamborghini catches fire mid-turn in Delhi

The incident took place under Badarpur flyover in Delhi when a 4-crore Lamborghini suddenly caught fire mid-turn.

Two Chinese youths detained for 'Fast and Furious' Beijing crash

Two young spoilt brats were detained here in the Chinese capital after they tried to race their supercars in what could be a stunt straight from the Hollywood action blockbuster 'Fast and Furious'.

Lamborghini, Ferrari in `Fast and Furious` Beijing crash

 A Lamborghini and Ferrari crashed in a high-speed road race in Beijing as the seventh stunt-filled "Fast and the Furious" movie opened in China, the latest luxury car accident to provoke controversy Monday.

Rs 3 crore Lamborghini car crashes near India Gate, Delhi

A luxury car, Lamborghini, worth Rs 3 crore crashed near the India Gate, Delhi on Wednesday night.

Watch: Guy jumping over speeding Lamborghini in Sweden

Watch Swedish stuntman Alassan Issa Gobitaca jumping over speeding Lamborghini in Sweden.

Kanye West buys mini Lamborghini for baby North

Rapper Kanye West has bought an exact miniature of his USD 750,000 Lamborghini Aventador for his baby daughter North.

NYPD busts car thieves who stole over 300 luxury vehicles

A band of 16 car thieves who allegedly stole over 300 luxury cars, including Bentleys and a Lamborghini, worth a whopping USD 15 million has been arrested in New York, police said.

Kanye West`s Lamborghini crushed by Kim Kardashian`s electric gates

Kanye West, who gashed his head earlier in the week when he bumped into a Los Angeles street sign, suffered another crushing blow after his luxurious 500,000-pound Lamborghini Aventador was smashed by Kim Kardashian`s electric gates.

Father who hired Lamborghini for son`s birthday dies in crash

A dotting father, who wanted to make his son happy on his 21st birthday, died after their Lamborghini car crashed.

Fleet of Ferraris ruined in Japan sportscar crash

Eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes, all worth more than $1 million ended up being smashed in a crash.