Soon, driverless-car to take you to your destination

A researcher has said that in the future there will be driverless cars that will drive its occupants to their destination.

Diabetes drug can reverse Alzheimer`s

A commonly prescribed diabetes drug can reverse memory loss and the build-up of plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer`s disease, scientists have found.

Now, dictionary to help parents understand online chat lingo

Dece? Butters? Jank? Parents, if you have no clue about these words your kids frequently use online, a new dictionary may come to your rescue.

Now, ads that track your eyes in supermarkets

Researchers have created an advertising system, which is able to track people`s eye movements while they shop.

First Anuj Bidve Scholar at Lancaster in Oct

The first Indian student awarded the Anuj Bidve Memorial Scholarship will arrive at Lancaster University shortly to join a course from the forthcoming academic session starting September-October.

UK setting up scholarship in Anuj Bidve`s memory

Anuj Bidve`s alma mater, Lancaster
University is setting up a scholarship in memory of the Indian
student whose killing in an unprovoked attack in the UK evoked
widespread sympathy and outrage.