Now, turn your brown eyes blue with new laser technique
Now, turn your brown eyes blue with new laser technique

The crazy-sounding idea of being able to turn your brown eyes blue is actually a reality, with a procedure developed over two decades that uses a laser now in human testing.

Second NY man charged with pointing laser at aircraft

A second New York man in a week was arrested and charged Monday with pointing a laser at aircraft near the city`s busy LaGuardia airport, prosecutors said.

Super Earths, planet formation 're-created' in lab using lasers
Super Earths, planet formation 're-created' in lab using lasers

Researchers have recently re-created the planet formations, conditions deep inside exotic super-Earths and giant planet cores in the lab with the help of lasers.

New laser a game changer for future technology
New laser a game changer for future technology

A new laser developed at Yale University can significantly improve the imaging quality of the next generation of high-tech microscopes, laser projectors and biomedical imaging.

New laser tech sniffs out toxic gases from afar

Scientists have developed a new way to sniff out tiny amounts of toxic gases - a whiff of nerve gas, for example, or a hint of a chemical spill - from up to one kilometre away.

India developing new laser devices to combat cancer: Scientist

India is making major strides in developing laser technology that will revolutionise treatment of cancer and open up new vistas in the field of communication technology, Dr B N Jagtap, Senior Scientist and Director of Chemistry group at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, has said.

Lasers to measure wind speed and direction
Lasers to measure wind speed and direction

US scientists have placed lasers on a buoy to accurately measure the wind off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Laser system maps 3D surfaces remotely

Scientists have developed a laser-based imaging system that creates high-definition 3D maps of surfaces from as far away as 10.5 metres.

Laser optical tweezers provide insights into malaria parasites` RBC invasion

Researchers have found interactions between the malaria-causing parasite and red blood cells using a tool called laser optical tweezers.

World`s largest laser re-creates giant planets` conditions in lab for first time

Scientists have experimentally re-created the conditions that endure deep inside the giant planets like Jupiter, Uranus and many of the planets recently discovered outside our solar system with the help of very powerful laser.

Lasers to replace quartz technology

In a new discovery, researchers have found that lasers can safely replace years old quartz technology used in wristwatches or to transmit reliable signals to radios.

NASA beams video from space via laser

US space agency NASA said Friday it has successfully beamed a high-definition video from the International Space Station to Earth using a new laser communications instrument, a technology demonstration that could help fundamentally change the way of communication in future deep space missions.

New laser tech could steer lightning away from buildings

Scientists have developed a new technology that can send high-intensity laser beams through the atmosphere much farther than was possible before, and it could one day be used to guide lightning away from buildings.

Wonder solar cells to produce cheap laser too!

In a revolutionary find, British researchers have discovered that a new type of solar cells excel not just at absorbing light but also at emitting it.

Kim K gets boobs lasered to reduce wrinkles

Kim Kardashian went under a new beauty treatment in order to reduce wrinkles on `Keeping Up with the Kardashians` show

A new laser that can make Internet faster

A new laser developed by a research group at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) holds the potential to increase the rate of data transmission in the optical-fibre network.

Laser to reveal famous paintings` secrets

What if you can assess what exactly went into the mind of the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci while painting the Mona Lisa portrait?

Scientists develop laser that could help find smaller planets

Scottish scientists are developing a new kind of laser that could help astronomers to find small Earth-like planets outside our solar system.

Laser set to help expanding broadband capabilities in space

Researchers have said that the completion of the 30-day Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration or LLCD mission has revealed that the possibility of expanding broadband capabilities in space using laser communications is as bright as expected.

Bomb detecting laser to make security checks more practical and quick

A Michigan State University (MSU) researcher has developed a laser that can detect micro traces of explosive chemicals on clothing and luggage, making the process quicker and more practical.