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When a lemur asked kids to scratch its back – Watch!

When a lemur asked kids to scratch its back – Watch!

Lemurs are primates that look something like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog, endemic to the island of Madagascar.

Rare primate's fossil closer to lemurs than humans

Based on how its teeth erupted, a model has suggested that a rare fossil of an early primate shares more in common with modern lemurs and not with monkeys or humans.

Why female lemurs are dominating

Most males rule the animal kingdom, but when it comes to lemurs -- primates that look like cats -- the trend is upturned. Lemur females behave more like males, thanks to the presence of slight testosterone, says a new study.

Long-lived dwarf lemurs offer clues to aging

A team of researchers is trying to obtain clues to aging from long-lived lemurs.

Endangered Lemurs on verge of extinction

Scientists have revealed lemurs are on the verge of extinction as impoverished local people are hunting them, and also because their habitat is being destroyed.

Two new species of mouse lemur discovered in Madagascar

Scientists have identified two new species of mouse lemur, the saucer-eyed, teacup-sized primates native to the African island of Madagascar.