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Vietnam kicks off secretive political transition

The country`s top three positions -- party general secretary, president and prime minister -- are up for grabs.

`Welcome back, Lenin` as Berlin digs up Cold War relic

A quarter century after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lenin made a comeback of sorts Thursday as authorities unearthed a granite head of the Russian revolutionary to truck it across the German capital.

Lenin statues toppled in government-held east Ukraine

 Masked men have toppled several statues of the Soviet leader Lenin in eastern Ukraine, authorities said Saturday, in a fresh show of anti-Russian sentiment as Kiev battles pro-Moscow separatists.

Ukraine rebels mark Soviet holiday for defenders of `fatherland`

Thousands of men and women gathered on Lenin square in east Ukraine`s main rebel-held city Donetsk on Monday to celebrate a Soviet-era holiday and pay hommage to their fallen fighters.

Ukrainian nationalists topple massive Lenin in Kharkiv

Pro-Ukrainian protesters in eastern Ukraine`s city Kharkiv on Sunday toppled a giant Lenin statue seen as a symbol of Soviet legacy and Moscow`s control. 

Malayalam new generation films failing to click?

What is the so-called new generation cinema in Malayalam all about?

North Korea removes Lenin, Karl Marx portraits

Portraits of founding fathers of communism, Lenin and Karl Marx, which once dominated Kim Il-sung Square in North Korea, have now been removed.

Was Lenin poisoned to death by Stalin?

Russian historian Lev Lurie, believes that Stalin may have finished off Lenin after a bitter feud.

Court summons 3 in Nithyananda sex scandal

A local court on Saturday issued
summons to Lenin Kuruppan, who released self-styled godman
Swami Nithyananda`s sex video with Tamil actress Ranjitha and
complained of ill doings in the swami`s ashram.

Gandhi`s name replaced by Lenin in Tripura textbook

The opposition Congress criticised the Left Front government in Tripura for replacing
the name of Mahatma Gandhi with that of Lenin in a school
textbook and threatened to launch a movement unless Gandhi`s
name was restored.

HC sets aside order of summons issued against Lenin

The Karnataka High Court set aside a lower court order issuing summons to Lenin
Karuppan, a former disciple of self-styled godman Nityananda
on a complaint against him by a woman disciple.

`Russians want Lenin removed from Moscow mausoleum`

Lenin`s corpse was embalmed, placed in a mausoleum on Moscow`s Red Square.

Time will come to bury Lenin: Gorbachev

Friday marks the 87th anniversary of the death of Lenin, the Soviet founder.

Nityananda is threatening me: Former disciple Lenin

A former key aide of Nityananda
on Thursday alleged the self-styled godman was threatening
witnesses, including him, and victims of his "sleaze

Nithyananda followers demand lodging of FIR against Lenin

Followers of self-styled godman Nityananda on Tuesday staged a protest outside the office of a top police officer, demanding an FIR be filed against a former disciple who shot the footage showing him in a compromising position.