Leprosy is a leading cause of disability, says expert

Nikita Sarah, Head, Advocacy and Communication, Diana Princess of Wales Health Education and Media Centre, The Leprosy Mission Trust India, stated that leprosy was one of the leading causes of disability with India accounting for 58 per cent of the global leprosy burden.

SC issues notice to govt on curbing leprosy in country

The Supreme Court Monday expressed concern over prevalence of leprosy in the country despite the disease being curable and sought explanation form Centre and state governments for their alleged failure to curb it.

New vaccine offers protection against tuberculosis, leprosy

In a breakthrough, US researchers have found that an improved tuberculosis vaccine can offer strong protection against leprosy.

India will take at least 40 years to eliminate leprosy

India`s leprosy elimination programme has not been "successful" and it will take at least 40 years to completely eliminate the disease from the country, an international expert has said.

No place for stigma against Leprosy: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama Thursday said here that there should be no place for stigma against leprosy patients in the society.

Leprosy the world`s oldest infectious disease?

Researchers have found two leprosy-causing bacteria from a last common bacterial ancestor around 10 million years ago.

Vinegar helps fight drug-resistant TB

A new study has found that the active ingredient in vinegar, acetic acid, might be used as an inexpensive and non-toxic disinfectant against drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Leprosy may be one of the oldest human illnesses ever

New research points towards leprosy, also known as Hansen`s disease, being one of the oldest human-specific infections, with roots likely stemming back millions of years.

President calls for eradicating leprosy

President Pranab Mukherjee Saturday called for integrated leprosy services in geographically focused areas to eradicate the disease while Vice President Hamid Ansari urged for generating awareness about its misconceptions.

Chariot on leprosy care rolls out in Ganjam

Shamba Rath - the chariot to spread message on the benefit of multi drug therapy (MDT) for leprosy patients, will travel in four out of 22 blocks of Odisha`s Ganjam district for a week.

747 new leprosy cases in NE region, Centre worried

The Centre has expressed concern at re-emergence of leprosy cases in certain pockets of the eighth North Eastern states which have reported 747 new cases.

Syphilis` origins still unknown

Researchers have said that despite trying to find the origins of the sexually transmitted infection syphilis they have come up with an empty hand.

Need to shed stigma attached to Leprosy

Higlighting the discrimination against the leprosy-affected in India, WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Elimination of Leprosy Yohei Sasakawa has called for extension of support to the patients to overcome the stigma associated with the disease.

Multi-drug therapy`s role in leprosy control hailed

Eighteen leprosy-burdened countries, including India, Thursday acknowledged the role of multi-drug therapy in helping reduce cases of the bacterial disease across the world.

Don`t get complacent about leprosy, warns WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Wednesday said that though the fight against leprosy has made great progress in the last two decades, complacency may now threaten the last push towards freeing the world of the disease.

Mystery in drop of leprosy during middle ages solved

To answer why was there a sudden drop in the incidence of leprosy at the end of the Middle Ages, biologists and archeologists reconstructed the genomes of medieval strains of the pathogen responsible for the disease, which they exhumed from centuries old human graves.

Leprosy rates decline in Delhi

Leprosy has been eliminated from the national capital as a public health problem, Delhi Health Minister AK Walia said Thursday after a considerable drop in the prevalence rate of the disease.

Contrary to govt claims, leprosy on rise in Maharashtra

Contrary to the official claims of elimination of leprosy in Maharashtra, the state is witnessing a constant increase in the number of fresh cases detected 2007 onwards.

MPs to float forum to end stigma against leprosy affected

Indian MPs would soon float a forum to advocate elimination of stigma and discrimination against persons affected by leprosy.

India committed to curb leprosy, stigma: WHO ambassador

India has over 60 percent of total leprosy cases across the world.