I can see myself settling in London: Lindsay Lohan
I can see myself settling in London: Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan says she can see herself settling permanently in London.

Lindsay Lohan not on track with community service
Lindsay Lohan not on track with community service

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly has fallen "woefully short" of completing her community service, logging less than 20 hours since February.

Lindsay Lohan sued
Lindsay Lohan sued

Actress Lindsay Lohan is being sued for allegedly not paying for the services of a stylist management company.

Post Oprah Winfrey's show, Lindsay Lohan was forced to leave NY
Post Oprah Winfrey's show, Lindsay Lohan was forced to leave NY

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan claims her controversial stint on Oprah Winfrey's reality show left her little choice but to relocate overseas.

Lindsay Lohan seeks hypnosis to quit smoking
Lindsay Lohan seeks hypnosis to quit smoking

Actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly seeking hypnotherapy to help her give up smoking before her West End theatre debut later this month.

Lindsay Lohan wants to live alone

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly does not wish to share her new apartment here with anyone.

Lindsay Lohan offered work at strip club

The Scores strip club in New York has offered to pay actress Lindsay Lohan`s storage bill of $16,000, if she works for them.

Lindsay Lohan faces eight months behind bars

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been told that she faces eight months in prison after her probation was revoked.

Lindsay Lohan facing eight months in jail

Lindsay Lohan could land in jail as prosecutors have filed papers asking the court to revoke her probation in the jewellery heist case.

LiLo may face jail for lying about June car accident

Lindsay Lohan is set to be charged with the crime of lying to police after her car accident in June.

LiLo believes she is in touch with MJ

Lindsay Lohan, who was claimed to have been put in touch with Dame Elizabeth Taylor via a psychic, now, believes that Michael Jackson has been visiting her.

LiLo ditches black locks to go red again

Lindsay Lohan, who portrays the late Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s biopic ‘Liz and Dick,’ ditched jet black locks in favour of her preferred fiery red hue.

Lindsay Lohan in health scare

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly fell unconscious at a hotel room, following which paramedics were immediately called in.

LiLo’s dad hospitalised for fear of stroke

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, was rushed to hospital this week when he started to feel extreme pain while her was exercising.

LiLo models for Jag Jeans after ‘naked’ Playboy photo shoot

Lindsay Lohan has scored another modelling gig for Jag Jeans, after the 1-million-dollar naked Playboy shoot.

LiLo’s Playboy pics fail to impress Playmate of the Year 2010

Former Playmate Hope Dworaczyk has revealed that she is not at all impressed with Lindsay Lohan’s latest Playboy photos.

LiLo to unveil Playboy spread on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lindsay Lohan is all set to uncover her highly anticipated Playboy spread during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Playboy wants re-shoot of nude Lindsay Lohan pics

Playboy magazine is not happy with the nude photo shoot by Lindsay Lohan and wants to re-shoot it in its entirety.

LiLo ‘ready to face’ probation violation hearing

Lindsay Lohan is said to be ready to face her probation violation hearing, and is looking forward to getting back to work, according to her representative.

Lilo back to morgue duties after maiden nude pose for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan earned 1 million dollars for posing naked for the magazine.