China `never paid businessman` who bought aircraft carrier: Report

The Chinese businessman who bought an unfinished Soviet-era vessel that became his country`s first aircraft carrier was never paid back the $120 million it cost him by Beijing, he was quoted as saying Tuesday.

China completes first phase of major oil reserve project

The first phase of China's massive 16.4 million cubic metres strategic oil reserve project aimed at averting supply based risks and fluctuating energy prices has been completed and made operational, it was announced on Thursday.

'China flexing muscle more after launching 1st aircraft carrier'

Since commissioning its first aircraft carrier, China's navy has conducted more exercises farther away from its shores and flexing its muscle by closely patrolling areas in disputed waters where Chinese companies are drilling for oil, a top US Air Force commander has said.

China says 2 pilots died in aircraft carrier tests

Two Chinese test pilots were killed during development of the country's first aircraft carrier fighter wing, state media said, in a rare admission of problems with the hugely popular naval program.

China`s aircraft carrier puts naval ambitions on show

At a northern quayside China`s first aircraft carrier dwarfs nearby vessels, its take-off ramp rising higher than the top deck of the cruise ship at the next berth, symbolising the country`s naval ambitions.

China plans to build world`s longest underwater tunnel

China plans to build the world`s longest underwater tunnel, an expert involved in the project told AFP Friday, a $36 billion shortcut between two northern port cities in an earthquake-prone region.

China`s first aircraft carrier completes South China Sea drills

The aircraft carrier Liaoning carried out more than 100 tests, including of its combat systems, and has now docked at port in the northern city of Qingdao, the official Xinhua news agency said late on Wednesday.

China confirms near miss with US ship in South China Sea

China confirmed an incident between a Chinese naval vessel and a US warship in the South China Sea, after Washington said a US guided missile cruiser had avoided a collision with a Chinese warship manoeuvring nearby.

China`s first aircraft carrier undergoes major tests

The Liaoning returned to its home port in Qingdao Saturday after the voyage, Xinhua reported Sunday.

Opening ceremony of Chinese National Games economized

The opening ceremony of China`s National Games has reportedly been showcased in a more economical style than previous ceremonies by staging it in the daytime for the first time in 26 years, in a move to save on lighting and fireworks.

China to build more aircraft carriers

China on Thursday said it will build more aircraft carriers apart from the `Liaoning` to boost its defence and military capabilities.

China to have more aircraft carriers: Official

The Liaoning, commissioned last year, is the Chinese military`s first aircraft carrier, but there will surely be more in future, a spokesman of the ministry of national defence said Thursday.

After Liaoning, China plans second, larger aircraft carrier

China`s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, went into service in September in what was a symbolic milestone for China`s growing military muscle.

China`s first aircraft carrier set for sea trials

China`s first aircraft carrier - the Liaoning - is set to begin a high-sea voyage at an appropriate time within the year.

China`s first aircraft carrier to go for trials in high seas

China`s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, would be deployed on preliminary trial on the high seas this year.

Gas explosion in China injures 20

More than 20 workers were injured today in a gas explosion at a construction site in an underground shopping street in northeast China`s Liaoning province.

China`s first aircraft carrier docks at port

China first aircraft carrier `Liaoning` was Wednesday docked at a military port in Qingado in eastern China.

China`s new fighter jet J-15 has range of 3,000 km

It can carry multiple types of long-range anti-ship and air-to-air missiles.

`Carrier-Style` online craze grips China

The Chinese social media is abuzz with imitations of hand signals by crew members of the country`s first aircraft carrier Liaoning.

‘Aircraft carrier a psychological milestone for China`

Describing the aircraft carrier as a milestone, the article said: "It will also be a psychological milestone".