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Want to live longer? Add more whole grains to your diet!

As per a new study, consuming nearly four servings of whole grains such as bran, oatmeal and quinoa a day can reduce the risk of premature death.

Global life expectancy increased by 5 years since 2000: WHO

The report states that globally life expectancy increased by 5 years between 2000 and 2015, the fastest increase since the 1960s. 

Air pollution cuts life expectancy by 3.4 years in India; Delhiites worst hit: Study

Air pollution cuts life expectancy by 3.4 years in India; Delhiites worst hit: Study

The study shows that Delhiites are witnessing a decrease in their lifespan by 6.3 years.

Want to live longer? Cut down your sitting time by 71 minutes!

A new study suggests that reducing sitting time at work by 71 minutes per day can have positive effect in the long.

10-year jump in life expectancy for rich nations, US lags: OECD

Life expectancy at birth measures how long someone born today would live if current mortality rates continued to apply.

Chinese women's average life expectancy increases

Chinese women's average life expectancy grew to 77.4 years in 2010, an increase of 4.1 years over 2000, a white paper issued on Tuesday said.

Life expectancy up in India, women live over four years longer than men: Study

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: According to a study published in the journal The Lancet, Indians now live longer compared to 1990 as life expectancy has increased by 6.9 years for men between 1990 and 2013 and 10.3 years for women during the same period.

Living near noisy road raises risk of early death, stroke

Living in an area with noisy road traffic may reduce life expectancy as well as increase the risk of strokes, scientists have warned.

First immortal human has already been born, claims Cambridge scientist

First immortal human has already been born, claims Cambridge scientist

Cambridge gerontologist Aubrey de Grey has claimed that the first human being who can escape the ill health of old age indefinitely has already been born.

Are populations actually ageing more slowly?

Faster increases in life expectancy do not necessarily produce faster population ageing, according to a new research.

World Health Day: Working to realise dream of healthy India, says PM Modi

On World Health Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday prayed for people to remain in the best of health and said food safety, which is also this year's theme, is an essential pre-condition for good health.

Alcoholism may cut short your life by eight years

Alcohol dependent patients die about 7.6 years earlier on average than hospital patients without a history of alcohol addiction, warns a new study.

Pay attention to declining health in urban areas: WHO

Linking habitat and life expectancy, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stressed on the alarming situation of declining health in urban areas.

USD 1mn prize set on potion to extend human life beyond 120

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has launched a $1 million prize for the scientists to find the elixir of life that can extend life beyond age 120 - the theoretical maximum human lifespan.

Global life expectancy increases by more than six years

Life expectancy around the world increased by 6.2 years between 1990 and 2013, according to a study published by The Lancet.

How grip strength changes across lifespan

A new research has shed light on how grip strength changes across life.

Obesity may cut lifespan by up to eight years

Being overweight and obesity have the potential to decrease life expectancy of individuals by up to eight years, says an alarming study, adding that being overweight could be as bad as cigarette smoking.

Mediterranean diet key to longer, healthier life

 Consuming a Mediterranean diet can lead to a longer, healthier life, says a new study.

Have a sense of purpose for longer life

We know that happiness is associated with a lower risk of death. New research shows that the meaningfulness and sense of purpose that older people have in their lives are also related to survival.

Scientists call for urgent steps to address global malaise of 'ageing'

In a new study, scientists have claimed that ageing is an issue that needs to be addressed globally, for unless some effective strategies were found to cater to old age problems, it would greatly affect the quality of life of older people.