Netanyahu vows no concessions on Israel`s security

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched his re-election campaign on Monday with a pledge not to make any territorial concessions to the Palestinians that would harm Israel`s security.

Israel PM faces party vote ahead of snap elections

Members of Israel`s ruling rightwing Likud voted Wednesday for their party leader, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking another term at the helm ahead of early elections in March.

Israeli PM faces leadership vote ahead of snap polls

Members of Israel`s ruling Likud began voting Wednesday for their party leader with rightwing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking another term at the helm ahead of snap elections in March.

Israel`s Lieberman breaks alliance with PM over Gaza

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday ended a 20-month political alliance between his party and the ruling rightwing Likud, although his faction will remain in government.

Israeli PM Netanyahu strikes deal to form govt

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a deal to form the much-delayed next government ahead of US President Barack Obama`s maiden visit.

Iran`s nuclear programme world`s problem: Netanyahu

Two days ahead of the General Elections in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has targeted Iran over its contested nuclear agenda.

Netanyahu calls for early polls in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu leads a centre-right coalition which includes his own Likud, and the Labour party of Ehud Barak.

Israel`s Likud to back West Bank settlement growth

Israel`s right-wing Likud party
was on Thursday debating a motion to back the expansion of Jewish
settlements in the occupied West Bank, with an eye to a
building spurt when a moratorium on construction expires in