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Lindsay Lohan not permitted to change rehab

Lindsay Lohan will have to complete her 90 days of court-ordered treatment at Cliffside in Malibu, and she is not allowed to transfer to another rehabilitation centre until then.

Lindsay Lohan struggles with her latest stint in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly struggling to sustain in the court ordered 90-day rehab in the Betty Ford Clinic.

Lindsay Lohan being allowed to take powerful drug Adderall at rehab

Lindsay Lohan is not drug free at the Betty Ford Center, it has been revealed.

Lindsay Lohan keen to leave rehab centre

Lindsay Lohan is keen to leave the Betty Ford Centre, days after her newly rehired lawyer cut a last-minute deal to let her go there.

Lindsay Lohan snorted coke right in front of me, says blogger Nik Richie

Lindsay Lohan snorted cocaine off her wrist in a bathroom during a paid appearance at a nightclub in Miami on New Year`s Eve 2009, according to a new tell-all memoir by controversial gossip blogger Nik Richie.

Have found the perfect rehab for Lindsay: Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan wants her to attend the Lukens Institute rehab facility.