More than 25 pc of Brit women don't step out without make-up
More than 25 pc of Brit women don't step out without make-up

It turns out more than one in 4 women in the UK wouldn't go out without make-up, finds a new survey.

Margaret Thatcher's lipstick kiss ignites hot bidding

A lipstick print on a napkin left by Britain's "Iron Lady" prime minister Margaret Thatcher during a visit to the US has gone on sale online ahead of Valentine's Day.

Beware! Your make-up products can be risky

 Your make-up products can put you at risk of early menopause.

Try pink lipstick this fall
Try pink lipstick this fall

Get pumped up to wear shades of pink for the fall season as Hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone and Jamie Chung have been proudly flaunting pink pouts.

Alternatives for lipstick

Wearing lipstick can get tricky as there are many with drying formulas or ones that bleed all over your face.

My unborn daughter is already applying lipstick: Snooki

Reality TV star Snooki says her unborn daughter is doing good and thinks that she would grow up into a fashionista.

Lipstick: Biggest beauty trend in 2013

A lot of women bought lip products in 2013 and that led to double-digit sales gains for the segment, say experts.

Add 3D look to your red lipstick

A slick of red lipstick can make you look more glamorous. Try layering several shades of red to create a 3D look.

Wear the right shade for hotter lips!

No one would want to wear the wrong lip colour, especially the ones that just divert attention from your shimmering pink lips to yellow teeth.

Jennifer Aniston can`t wear red lipstick

Jennifer Aniston says she cannot pull off a red lipstick, whereas she believes that actresses like Gwen Stefani can flaunt it with panache.

Adele, Rihanna and Katy Perry auction tattoo kisses!

Singer Adele, Rihanna and Katy Perry are putting their lipstick kisses up for auction along with the chance for celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang to ink the image on the winning bidder.

Nail polish industry booming in Britain

A study reveals that more than half of women in Britain are spending money on keeping their nails well polished.

Go berry to look hot

Complement your sun-kissed look with berry lips.

Barack Obama explains lipstick mark on his collar

US President Barack Obama joked about a lipstick stain on his collar during a White House event, saying that he wants to avoid trouble with the First Lady.

Why lipstick makes women look younger

A dash of red lipstick makes women look younger because it increases facial contrast, says expert behind a new study.

Applying lipstick can harm your IQ

A new study involving 22 brands of lipstick found that 55 percent contained trace amounts of lead.

Now, lipstick from squid skin

Turning waste to wealth, scientists have developed a lipstick using reddish brown spots from squid skin to give different hues instead of the normally used chemicals.

Richie`s daughter loves to wear her lipstick

Nicole Richie`s three-year-old daughter loves to wear her lipstick.

Lipstick competition at IIT fest: Govt orders probe

A competition during IIT-Roorkee`s
annual festival whereby boys holding lipsticks in their mouth
applied them on girls has sparked a controversy.

Christina Aguilera leaves romantic lipstick messages for hubby

Christina Aguilera has revealed that she keeps the spark alive in her marriage – by leaving lipstick marks all over the bathroom.