Pluto`s moon Charon may have had an underground ocean in the past

A new study by NASA has revealed that there might be cracks in Pluto`s giant moon Charon, which could indicate that it once had a subterranean ocean of liquid water.

Ancient Mars not warm enough for liquid water: Study

Evidence suggest that Mars was wet, but it was probably not consistently warm enough for making the water flow, a thrilling study reveals.

Mars may have been warm enough to support liquid water

A new study of how carbon is trapped and released by iron-rich volcanic magma gives hint about the early atmospheric evolution on Mars and other terrestrial bodies.

Liquid water of frozen Alaskan sand dunes hints of a wetter Mars

The presence of liquid water at and beneath frozen Alaskan sand dunes during the winter months suggests that liquid water could also be temporarily stable (or metastable) at frost-covered sand dunes on Mars.

Liquid water `discovered on frozen comet`

Scientists claim to have for 1st time found concrete evidence for presence of liquid water in a comet.