Stricken Portuguese airliner `rains debris` on cars

A Portuguese airliner suffered engine failure shortly after taking off from Lisbon early Saturday, scattering debris on cars below and forcing it to turn around.

Jihadist suspect arrested in Lisbon airport last week: Report

Portuguese police have arrested a man trained in a jihadist camp as he was trying to illegally board an Angola-bound plane via its landing gear at Lisbon international airport, local media said on Sunday.

Portugal police chief quits after anti-austerity protest

Portugal police chief Paulo Valente Gomes has resigned a day after thousands of off-duty officers staged a protest against the debt-wracked government`s austerity measures.

Mumbai is world`s second most honest city

Mumbai is not just India`s most `attractive` city but also the second most honest in the world.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski signs EU treaty

Polish President Lech Kaczynski on Saturday signed the European Union`s reform treaty making the Czech Republic the last country yet to ratify the document.