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Haryana witnesses mad scramble for educated brides

Less than a month away from the panchayat elections in the state, guess what Haryana is witnessing a mad scramble for? Not last minute campaigning or poaching of candidates, but Haryana villages are in a great rush to find educated brides.

Re-examine literacy criteria for panchayat polls: Amartya Sen

There is a need for a Constitution bench to deliberate on the Supreme Court's upholding of the Haryana government's decision to make literacy an essential criterion to contest panchayat elections, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has said.

President calls for greater societal role to achieve literacy

President calls for greater societal role to achieve literacy

President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday sought greater involvement of the society in achieving higher literacy targets and said that without education India cannot claim its pride of place among nations.

PM Modi's 15 Aug speech: What he promised and what he delivered in education

After an year that PM Modi delivered speech and made promises on Independence day, is there any significant improvement in our education sector? Watch this report.

''Over 35 percent rural Indians still illiterate''

Over 35 percent of Indians in rural areas are illiterate, with Rajasthan home to 47.58 percent of the unlettered, Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC) data released on Friday said.

Barbara Bush celebrates 90th birthday by promoting literacy

Former first lady Barbara Bush is promoting literacy on her 90th birthday.

Literacy rates of STs far below national average: Parliamentary panel

Despite government efforts to promote education among the Scheduled Tribes (STs), their literacy rates as compared to the national average have remained low, a Parliamentary Committee has said this week.

Low literacy among SC/STs matter of concern: Union Minister

Stressing the need for hundred per cent literacy, Union Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot on Saturday said its low percentage among Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is a matter of concern.

M-learning impacting education ecosystem

While scope of Mobile-learning is growing fast, it is imperative to address the problems of low level of literacy, limited understanding of English language in rural and semi urban areas and text driven interface in order to reap the benefits of this technology.

Bridging the struggle – nutrition for education

Every year millions of children are deprived of their basic rights of education and nutrition. Most of these children, from a tender age are compelled by situations to work for food. In a tough choice between literacy and hunger, it is always child labour to satisfy hunger that wins.

Using films to promote literacy : Mumbai NGO gets US award

PlanetRead, a Mumbai-based Indian non-profit, has won US Library of Congress`s Literacy Award for its innovative programme to promote literacy skills.

Suicide a curse of the educated in India

It is often believed that education is the key to happiness and prosperity in everyone’s life.

Arunachal Pradesh to be 90 percent literate: Bosiram Siram

Arunachal Pradesh`s Education Minister Bosiram Siram has expressed the hope that the state will soon achieve 90 percent literacy rate.

Literacy can improve public health in India more than income

Researchers have claimed that literacy has a greater impact on public health in India than income.

Tamil Nadu with 72 mn records 80% literacy

Tamil Nadu recorded a population of 72,147,030, growing by 97.4 lakh persons in the last decade, of which 80.1 percent are literates, according to the 2011 census.

Tripura registers improvement in literacy rate

Literacy rate in Tripura has risen to 87.22 percent from the previous 73.3 percent, ranking the state fourth in the country, according to the preliminary census report of 2011.

Bihar clocks 29% hike in commercial tax collection: Modi

In another first in the country, tax collection in Bihar in the 2012-13 fiscal jumped to 29 percent, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said.

Tripura to be declared fully literate

India`s northeastern state of Tripura will be declared fully literate in September this year, state Finance Minister Badal Choudhury said here on Friday.

Brand ambassador of Kerala`s literacy drive no more

Cholakkodan Aysha, hailed as the brand ambassador of Kerala`s universal literacy mission, passed away at her residence at nearby Kavannur.

Arunachal heading towards total literacy: Siram

Arunachal Pradesh Education Minister Bosiram Siram said that the state would soon attain total literacy.