Geckos' penises evolve six times faster than other body parts
Geckos' penises evolve six times faster than other body parts

A new study has revealed that lizard's penis evolves six times faster than any of its other parts.

Small lizard species found in Australia
Small lizard species found in Australia

A lizard species that weighs barely 16 gram and has remained practically unchanged for the past six million years has been found in Australia, a media report said Wednesday.

Two new lizard species discovered on Australian mountain
Two new lizard species discovered on Australian mountain

Australian scientists have discovered two new species of lizards in a remote area of Cape York Peninsula in northeastern Australia, academic sources reported Thursday.

Dead lizard found in Bihar mid-day meal, 25 children taken ill

At least 25 children of a government school in Bihar`s Siwan district fell ill Friday after eating mid-day meal in which a dead lizard was found, officials said.

Mumbai scientist gets new lizard species named after him

Varad B Giri, senior scientist at the Bombay Natural History Society has been honoured with a new species of gecko, named after him, which he discovered last year from the Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

The strange tale of the lizard`s breath

Air flows through lizard lungs in one direction, a finding that may prompt a rethink about how some species evolved following Earth`s biggest mass extinction, a study said on Wednesday.

Lizard in Pakistani jail meal, women prisoners fall ill

Over a dozen women prisoners at a jail in this eastern Pakistani city were rushed to hospital when they fell ill after eating contaminated food, officials said on Friday.

Lizard found in mid-day meal in Odisha

A dead lizard was found in the mid-day meal at a primary school in Odisha, an official said.

Sarpanch rules against mid-day meal after lizard found in food

The sarpanch of Lohagarh has said that students from his village would no longer take part in the mid-day meal scheme at the government secondary school.

Extinct lizard rediscovered after 135 years

Geckoella Jeyporensis or Jeypore ground gecko, an enigmatic lizard from the Eastern Ghats which was considered extinct, has been rediscovered after 135 years.

Extinct lizard species named after Obama

An extinct species of lizard has been named after US President Barack Obama by a team of scientists at Yale and Harvard.

Tropical lizard species adapts to cooler clime

A tropical lizard species native to Puerto Rico has adapted to the cooler winters of Miami, suggesting its ability to survive climate change.

African lizard which looks like Spider-Man!

A Brazilian photographer has snapped an African lizard clinging to a rock in a pose which is uncannily identical to Spiderman and more shy than the superhero himself.

Komodo dragon’s terrible dental hygiene behind poisonous bite

Scientists have revealed that the unlikely secret of the incredible killing power of the Komodo Dragon is down to poor dental hygiene.

"Bumblebee" gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea: USGS

A new species of gecko with black and gold bands like a bumblebee and slender toes termed a "striking surprise" has been discovered deep in the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea.

Lizards being trained for space travel

Lizards are known for their adaptation to extreme conditions and a team is being trained in Russia to be sent to space.

Super-tiny chameleons could be world’s smallest known reptiles

The minuscule lizards measure just tens of millimeters from head to tail.

Lizards `invest in housing`

Burrowing Skinks construct elaborate housing structures creating a veritable city.

Blind, legless lizard found in Cambodia

The small reptile, which mostly lives underground, has been named dibamus dalaiensis.

Weird marsupial fossils `discovered`

Palaeontologists have discovered fossils of marsupials alike to the pink-tongued skink lizard.