Delhi zoo soon to get four-horned antelopes, monitor lizards

As part of its animal exchange programme, Delhi zoo is all set to get a group of four-horned antelopes and water monitor lizards from Odisha's Nandankanan Zoological Park.

Lizards breathe like birds
Lizards breathe like birds

 University of Utah scientists have shown that bird-like breathing also developed in green iguanas -- reptiles not known for high-capacity fitness.

How humans could grow new limbs like lizards

Scientists have unlocked the genetic `recipe` that allows a lizard to regrow its tail, a finding that may help humans regenerate severed limbs or spinal cords.

Spain police find live snakes, lizards inside checked luggage

Spanish police today said they found five snakes, two lizards and thousands of insects alive and hidden inside two suitcases that arrived on the holiday island of Gran Canaria on a flight from Madrid.

Ancestor of snakes, lizards likely gave birth to live young

In an unusual discovery, scientists have found that the ancestor of snakes and lizards likely gave birth to live young, rather than laying eggs.

Oldest existing lizard-like fossil discovered

The fossilised remains of a reptile closely related to lizards are the oldest yet to be discovered, scientists say.

Lizards facing mass extinction from climate change: Study

Climate change could see dozens of lizard species becoming extinct within the next 50 years, a new research has warned.

`Gangs of Wasseypur` girls Huma, Richa scared of lizards

Actors Huma Qureshi and Richa Chadda, who feature in crime thriller `Gangs Of Wasseypur - Part 2`, share a common fear! They both are scared of lizards.

Leaping lizards help design robots with tails

Biologists and engineers have been inspired by lizards and dinosaurs to design robots with tails.

Turtles are closer kin to lizards than crocodiles

Debate has been going for decades whether turtles are more closely related to birds and crocodiles or to lizards.

Lizards face extinction from global warming

Lizards are in danger of dying out on a large scale as rising global temperatures force them to spend more time staying cool in the shade and less time tending to basic needs like eating and mating.

How the lizards evolved

A new research has confirmed that competition, and not predation, is the primary selective force in island lizards.

Global warming threatens existence of tropical species

A new research has determined that global warming threatens the existence of tropical species, the ecosystem and its by-products.