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Daughter Lourdes gave Madge her 'first heartbreak'

Daughter Lourdes gave Madge her 'first heartbreak'

 It turns out that Madonna's first real heartbreak was when her eldest daughter Lourdes left for college .

Madonna throws pre-prom party for daughter Lourdes

Madonna organised a pre-prom party for her teenager daughter Lourdes to celebrate her graduation from her high school.

Rita Ora announced as new face of Material Girl

Rita Ora has been named as the new face of Madonna and daughter Lourdes "Lola" Leon`s clothing line, Material Girl.

Madonna banned by daughter from attending NYC bash

Madonna, who usually has no problem getting into any party in the world - no matter how A-list it is, struggled when it came to attending a special bash at New York`s Lincoln Center .

Lourdes stops mom Madonna from partying?

Pop star Madonna`s 16-year-old daughter Lourdes reportedly stopped her mother from attending a VIP night at Lincoln Center here.

Rita Ora new face of Madonna`s brand, signs 500,000-pound deal

Rita Ora has reportedly signed a 500,000-pound (over $700,000) deal to be the face of Madonna’s clothing brand - Material Girl.

Madonna`s daughter Lourdes dyes hair green

Madonna`s daughter Lourdes Leon seems to be following in her diva mother`s experimental footsteps.

Madonna buys Lourdes apartment for her birthday

Madonna has bought her daughter Lourdes an apartment for her 16th birthday. She decided the property would be a perfect gift for her daughter to show her how much she trusts her.

Madonna`s daughter wants to dodge limelight

Her mother is a pop queen and is constantly in the limelight, but Lourdes wants to evade all the attention she gets because of her mother, Madonna.

Madonna`s daughter Lourdes to star in father`s film

Lourdes`s father Carlos Leon is trying to get her a role in his current film.

Sibling rivalry between Madonna`s kids!

Pop star Madonna`s kids Lourdes and Rocco are trying to out-do each other.

Madonna wants to be tougher parent

Madonna considers herself a tough mother, but she believes she needs to be tougher.

Lourdes likes to wear men`s cologne: Madonna

Pop diva Madonna says her daughter Lourdes likes to wear men`s fragrances.

Madonna upset with daughter Lourdes

Pop diva Madonna is reportedly furious with her daughter Lourdes after the teen was caught smoking.

Madonna`s daughter snubs trip to see Guy Ritchie

Madonna`s daughter Lourdes snubbed Queen of Pop`s ex-husband, `Sherlock Holmes` director Guy Ritchie, by refusing to visit him.

Madonna admits ‘unfair’ cutting of daughter Lourdes’ ‘WE’ cameo

Madonna has admitted that she thinks it was “quite unfair” of her to ask 15-year-old daughter Lourdes to take part in ‘W.E.’, only to be cut from the final edit.

Madonna cut daughter`s scene from W.E.

Queen of Pop Madonna`s daughter Lourdes was set to make an appearance in her mother`s movie `W.E.` but the singer cut her out of the final edit.

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is perfect ambassador for singer’s clothing line

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Ciccone was pictured promoting her mother’s fashion label ‘Material Girl’ at a special show in New York this week.

Madonna’s 14-year-old daughter Lourdes launches her own make-up range

While most of us don’t know much about fashion and make-up at the age of 14, Madonna’s teenaged daughter has launched her own range of make-up.

Voeckler prays to keep yellow jersey in Lourdes

It would take a miracle for Thomas Voeckler to lose his lead in the Tour de France in Lourdes after the 152-km 13th stage on Friday, one of the shortest of the race.