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Simon Cowell to invite ex-girlfriends to his wedding

Music mogul Simon Cowell is planning to invite his ex-girlfriends to his wedding.

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend celebrates baby shower

Simon Cowell`s pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman was treated to a baby shower this weekend at his Beverly Hills home with a couple of media mogul`s exes in attendance.

Lauren has picture of herself kissing Simon Cowell as phone wallpaper

Lauren Silverman has a picture of herself and Simon Cowell kissing as the wallpaper on her phone.

Simon Cowell not planning to quit smoking even after birth of baby

Simon Cowell is reportedly not planning to cut back on cigarettes despite his girlfriend Lauren Silverman expecting their first child in February.

I wish I had been born gay: Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell wishes he dated men rather than women, which would cut down his expenses.

Simon Cowell won`t change dirty nappies or give up sleep for baby

Simon Cowell has reportedly said that he is going to be a great father but he will not change dirty nappies nor will he be sacrificing his beauty sleep.

Simon Cowell buys baby `megabucks baby boutique` voucher

Siwon Cowell, who is awaiting the arrival of his lovechild with Lauren Silverman, has apparently opened an account with `Petit Tresor`, the megabucks baby boutique in LA.

Khloe Kardashian blasts stepmums over lovechild reports

Khloe has taken to Twitter to hit back at her step moms who claim that late Robert Kardashian is not her biological father.

Arnold`s lovechild secret likened to Osama hiding in Pakistan

Arnold Schwarzenegger`s ability to keep his lovechild a secret from his wife for over a decade has been likened to Osama bin Laden remaining hidden in Pakistan for five years by a leading newspaper.

Putin’s mistress denies giving birth to lovechild

Vladimir Putin`s alleged mistress says the baby is actually her nephew.

Rod Stewart ‘trying to patch up with lovechild’

Singer Rod Stewart is evidently trying to patch up with his lovechild Sarah Streeter, who was given up for adoption in the 1960s.