An elephant that loves Perk!
An elephant that loves Perk!


Mumbai: The telly world has a new entrant who loves to eat chocolates - it is not a kid or a woman, but an elephant. 

Shah Rukh loves being exploited by me: Farah Khan
Shah Rukh loves being exploited by me: Farah Khan


New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan's eight pack abs are the big reveal from 'Happy New Year' and director Farah Khan says they kept it under wraps for a long time while SRK worked on his body.

Charlize Theron loves getting older
Charlize Theron loves getting older


Los Angeles: Oscar-winner Charlize Theron says she does not miss her "fat, plump face" of her 20s and loves getting older.

The 39-year-old beauty, however, says she has her moments when she does not like looking in a mirror but has come to love her appearance now.

Heidi Klum loves to cook with four kids
Heidi Klum loves to cook with four kids


Los Angeles: Actress Heidi Klum says she likes to involve all four of her kids when she prepares meals at home.

Miley Cyrus still loves Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus still loves Liam Hemsworth

 Pop star Miley Cyrus has revealed that she still has strong feelings for her former fiance, actor Liam Hemsworth.

Andrew Garfield loves being naked

Andrew Garfield has revealed that he loves being naked and it was nothing to be shy about.

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes loves Australian puddings

Katie Holmes has revealed that she enjoyed the best puddings while filming in Melbourne, Australia.

Kristen Stewart just loves vampires!

Kristen Stewart says she loves vampires because they are dangerous.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr credits ‘love’ for her good looks

Miranda Kerr thinks having ‘love’ in her life encourages her to take better care of herself and her appearance.

Despite dumping, Crystal Harris still loves ex-fiancé Hugh Hefner

Sources have revealed that model Crystal Harris still loves her ex-fiancé and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner “very much”.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld loves Paris Hilton

The Chanel designer spends most of his time in the French capital loves the city for its shopping opportunities.

World loves ‘pasta’ more than meat, rice and pizza!

Pasta, which is the staple dish of Italian cuisine, has been ranked as world’s favourite food, ahead of meat, rice and pizza.

Daisy Lowe loves bright skirts

Daisy Lowe will be wearing bright coloured skirts this summer because she likes to embrace the warm weather.

I love cursing: Hudgens

Actress Vanessa Hudgens confesses that she loves cursing and has a "sailor mouth".

Kim Kardashian says she loves her bumpy bits

Kim Kardashian has admitted that she loves her curvaceous figure.

Kate Winslet loves rough and tough roles

Kate Winslet says she has more fun when she plays a character who looks rough.

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher loves getting naked

Ashton Kutcher enjoys getting naked because he feels natural when he doesn`t have his clothes on.

Cheryl Cole loves carrot juice

Cheryl Cole has been drinking a lot of carrot juice lately.

Richie`s daughter loves to wear her lipstick

Nicole Richie`s three-year-old daughter loves to wear her lipstick.

Jake Gyllenhaal loves to grow vegetables

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal says he hates going to gym but loves to gorge on the healthy vegetables which he grows in his kitchen garden.