Russia to launch manned moon missions by 2029

Russia to launch manned moon missions by 2029

In 2025, the spaceship will carry out its first unmanned mission to the moon.

China to rehearse new carrier rocket for final lunar mission

China to rehearse new carrier rocket for final lunar mission

Bracing for its ambitious plan to land an unmanned spacecraft on the Moon before returning to Earth, China has shipped a carrier rocket from Tianjin port for a rehearsal of a scheduled Chang'e-5 lunar mission around 2017.

China's test spacecraft simulates orbital docking

 China has conducted tests close to the moon to simulate an unmanned docking procedure needed in the country's next lunar mission expected to launch in 2017.

China launches test return orbiter for lunar mission

China launched an unmanned spacecraft early Friday to test technologies to be used in the Chang'e-5, a future probe that will conduct the country's first moon mission and return to the Earth.

NASA`s LADEE lunar exploration mission gets extension

The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) will get more time to explore the Moon than primitively planned after getting approval for a 28-day extension from the US space agency, NASA.

India to launch second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 by 2017

India is planning to launch the Chandrayaan-2, country`s second lunar exploration mission, in the next two to three years.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield hopes for permanent base on moon

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has said that the next logical step in space exploration would be a permanent base on the Moon.

China`s Jade Rabbit rover sends first moon photos

China`s Jade Rabbit rover sent back its first pictures from the moon, as state media on Monday lauded the first lunar soft landing in nearly four decades as a step forward for the "well-being" of the world.

China upgrades its launcher rocket for its lunar mission

China has upgraded its rockets for an upcoming lunar mission, keeping up with its plan to emerge as a major power in space technology rivalling US and Russia.

ISRO plans 58 space missions during 12th Plan

ISRO plans to launch 58 space missions, including sending spacecraft to moon and Mars.

China launches second lunar probe

China`s Chang`e-2 spacecraft is successfully launched to test key technologies and map the Moon.

Data from Chandrayaan moon mission to go public

Chandrayaan was the 1st mooncraft to have confirmed presence of water on moon.