Surgery conducted to remove blood clots from lungs

A 27-year-old youth was given a new lease of life by the surgeons of Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH) here by successfully removing life threatening blood clots from the lungs.

Can vitamin E protect lungs from air pollution?

British researchers have found that vitamin E may help offset the negative effects of air pollution on our lungs.

How cancer cells trick the body to spread

Swollen lymph nodes are often the earliest signs of spread of cancer cells. Swedish researchers have now discovered how cancer cells can infiltrate the lymphatic system by "disguising" themselves as immune cells (white blood cells).

Nursing home stay may damage your lungs

A prolonged stay in a nursing home can be detrimental for your lungs' health, apart from your pocket's health, says a new study.

E-cigarettes may 'not' be as safe as previously believed

A new study has revealed that e-cigarette exposure impairs immune responses in mouse model, suggesting that it may not be as safe as previously believed.

3D-printed cartilage for tracheal replacement developed

Using 3D printing, investigators from the non-profit Feinstein Institute for Medical Research here have created cartilage designed for tracheal repair or replacement.

Simple breathing can help you shed extra kilos

To lose extra fat, all you have to do is breathe in and breathe out more during exercise or brisk walking, new research has revealed.

Take vitamin C if exercise makes you cough

If you show symptoms of respiratory disorders such as cough or sore throat after a session of vigorous exercise, increasing your vitamin C intake could offer relief, says a study.

Menthol and nicotine harmful for lungs: Study

Neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) have found that menthol acts in combination with nicotine to desensitise receptors in lungs' airways that are responsible for nicotine's irritation.

Asthma could affect entire body, not just lungs

Asthma could be more dangerous than previously thought as researchers have found that it could affect the whole body, not just the lungs.

Pollution in pregnancy linked to lung damage in child

Women exposed to high levels of traffic pollution during the second trimester of pregnancy are at higher risk of giving birth to a child with weak lungs, researchers said Monday.

Mother`s milk vital for premature babies

Incorporating human milk fat supplement into premature infants` diets improves their growth outcomes in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), says a new study.

Gene that stops lung cancer spread found

Offering hope in the fight against one of the world`s deadliest cancers, scientists have identified a gene responsible for stopping the movement of cancer from the lungs to other parts of the body.

What powers our heart and lungs decoded

A favourable electrical property is present in a type of protein found in organs that repeatedly stretch and retract such as the lungs, heart and arteries, researchers including one of Indian-origin, say.

Potential asthma treatment discovered

Researchers at St. Joseph`s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University have successfully tested an antibody to improve the quality of life for individuals with asthma.

Why breast cancer often spreads to lungs revealed

Researchers have why breast cancer often spreads or metastasizes to the lung.

Keep your kitchen airy for safer lungs

Quitting smoking may not be enough to improve your lung function if your cooking fuel is not clean and ventilation in the kitchen is not proper, research says.

Vitamin A rich diet essential for proper lung formation

In a significant breakthrough, the short-term deficit of vitamin A while the lungs are being formed in the baby during pregnancy has been linked to asthma later in life.

Lungs too can smell!

A new study has revealed that your nose is not the only organ in your body that can sense cigarette smoke wafting through the air, your lungs have odour receptors as well.

Three reasons why aerobic exercise is good for you

Aerobic exercise gives many benefits to your health. Old or young, aerobic activity is good for all. Including aerobic exercise in your daily routine will help you live a happier and fitter life.