Small steps to Mars are a big leap for Indian companies

India`s Mangalyaan spacecraft was launched last month and then catapulted from Earth orbit on December 1.

NASA`s VeSpR rocket to probe Venus` atmosphere

NASA is sending a sounding rocket to probe the atmosphere of Venus, just a week after launching a new orbiter to investigate the upper atmosphere of Mars.

Mangalyaan, Maven will complement each other in Mars findings

ISRO and NASA will coordinate functions of their Mars Orbiters -- Mangalyaan and Maven -- once both get into orbit of the red planet in September next year.

NASA launches spacecraft to study Mars atmosphere

NASA today launched its unmanned MAVEN spacecraft toward Mars to study the Red Planet`s atmosphere for clues as to why Earth`s neighbor lost its warmth and water over time.

NASA’s MAVEN mission set off for Mars

The US space agency (NASA) has launched its latest orbiter to Mars Monday on the hunt for clues about why the Red Planet lost much of its atmosphere.