Ex-spy chief says outdated UK anti-terrorism laws are not fit for purpose

Britain`s ability to prevent terrorist attacks is hampered by outdated laws that are "no longer fit for purpose", a former MI5 chief said in an interview published on Sunday, as the government considers new powers to monitor the Internet.

Al Qaeda planning Paris-style attack in UK, warns spy chief
Al Qaeda planning Paris-style attack in UK, warns spy chief

 London: The al Qaeda network is plotting a terrorist strike in Britain to inflict mass casualties similar to the newsroom massacre at a satirical French weekly that killed 12 people, Britain's spy chief has warned.

UK spies can target lawyer-client communications

British spies are allowed to intercept communications between lawyers and their clients, which are generally protected by strict rules of confidentiality, according to previously secret documents published on Thursday.

British government blocks MPs from quizzing spy chief

The British government has blocked a parliamentary panel from questioning the head of domestic spy agency MI5 about the Edward Snowden leaks, the committee chairman said today, branding the decision "not helpful".

MI5 chief says al Qaeda from Pakistan, Yemen most dangerous

Speaking to the Royal United Services Institute in London, the intelligence chief said “thousands of Islamist extremists in the country who regard the public as "legitimate targets", and defended the use of snooping technology.”

UK to probe how intelligence agency failed to stop Woolwich

A British parliamentary committee will examine whether the country`s intelligence service failed in assessing the threat posed by two apparent Islamists who butchered a soldier on a London street last week.

`UK spy agency harassed London terror suspect`

A friend of one of two terror suspects arrested after the killing of a soldier on a London street, was nabbed minutes after claiming Michael Adebolajo was harassed by British spy agency MI5.

London terror suspects were known to MI5

MI5 now faces a House of Commons inquiry after it was confirmed the two terror suspects arrested over his murder were known to the national security agency.

Britain`s post-7/7 hero to take over top spy job

Britain has appointed a veteran spy-master as the new boss for its domestic spy agency MI5.

Andrew Parker named director of Britain`s domestic spy agency MI5

Britain`s domestic spy agency has chosen a new director, a 50-year-old ornithologist with counter-terrorism experience in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

Head of UK domestic spy agency to step down

The head of Britain`s domestic spy agency, MI5, will step down from his post next month at the end of his contract.

Police foiling major terror attacks on scale of 7/7 every year in UK

The British police and MI5 foil a plot as big as the July 7 attacks every year, the country’s second most senior terror officer has revealed.

IRA planning terror strikes during G8 summit: MI5

British PM David Cameron, US President Barack Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin will be among those meeting in Enniskillen in June.

British spy chiefs to be quizzed in 2013

British lawmakers will next year question chiefs of intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

`MI5 plotted to develop radio-controlled bomber pigeons`

British intelligence agency MI5 considered developing remote-controlled homing pigeons - perhaps to carry explosives, according to newly released post-war diaries.

Two Qaeda-linked British Pakistanis challenge conviction

Two al Qaeda linked terrorists, one of them who had plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack on a British shopping centre, are trying to get their convictions cancelled.

G4S warns of 50-50 chance of bomb being carried into Olympic venues

An employee for private security firm G4S, contracted to provide security during Games, has warned that there is a 50-50 chance someone could carry a bomb into one of the Olympic venues.

‘Qaeda tapping Arab Spring nations for training’

Middle East is once again turning a hub for terrorist activities as British would-be jihadists are heading to the area for terrorist training.

MI5 chief talks threats before Olympics

Britain has seen a credible terrorist attack plot about once a year since the September11 attacks, a worrying pattern as security officials brace for an array of threats ahead of next month`s summer Olympics, the head of the country`s domestic spy agency says.

Scotland Yard officials attended terrorist camps?

The development raises concerns about the ease with which potential terrorists might infiltrate police and compromise national security.