`Jihadi John` contemplated suicide in 2010: Report
`Jihadi John` contemplated suicide in 2010: Report

 The London man believed to be Islamic State executioner "Jihadi John" told a journalist four years ago that surveillance by British security services had left him contemplating suicide, it emerged Saturday.

Dame Judi Dench cried when M role was killed
Dame Judi Dench cried when M role was killed

 Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she cried when she got to know that her Bond character M will die in 2012 Bond movie 'Skyfall'.

Judi Dench didn't get to go on exotic locations during Bond films
Judi Dench didn't get to go on exotic locations during Bond films

 Judi Dench may have starred in Bond films, but she is disappointed that she didn't get to travel to exotic location in any of the seven films.

UK spies can target lawyer-client communications

British spies are allowed to intercept communications between lawyers and their clients, which are generally protected by strict rules of confidentiality, according to previously secret documents published on Thursday.

MI6 officer Alex Younger named UK spy chief

An MI6 officer has been named as the next head of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

Two Iranians jailed for espionage

A court in Iran`s Kerman province sentenced two Iranian suspects to prison terms on spying charges for Britain and Israel, media reported Saturday.

Snowden leaks have helped Britain`s enemies: MI6 chief

The intelligence leaks from US analyst Edward Snowden have left Britain`s enemies "rubbing their hands with glee", the head of the MI6 spy agency said on Thursday.

Britain`s MI6 paid 90,000 pounds to ex-Russian spy

Britain`s secret intelligence service MI6 paid at least 90,000 pounds ($136,000) to former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died after being poisoned in London in 2006, a British daily reported.

British spy chiefs to be quizzed in 2013

British lawmakers will next year question chiefs of intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

MI6 told agent not to kill al Qaeda leader al-Awlaki

British intelligence agency MI6 told an agent not to kill a senior al-Qaeda leader because lawyers advised them they would be breaking the law.

MI6 doesn’t have ‘licence to kill’, says report

British intelligence service MI6 does not have a “licence to kill,” sources have revealed.

Somali militants execute 3 said to inform CIA, MI6

Somalia`s militant group says it publicly executed 3 of its members because they had spied on them for the US and British intelligence agencies.

Terrorists learn making cakes instead of bombs

MI6 redirected a bomb-making site to the one boasting cake recipes.

MI5, MI6 sleuths to share notes with IPS officers

Sleuths of Britain`s secret
service agencies MI5 and MI6 will be sharing their
professional experience and expertise with over 100 senior
IPS officers for two weeks from January 3.

MI6 spies `planned to use semen as invisible ink`

A new book says MI6 planned to use semen to write top-secret letters.

British police hold two over MI6 parcel bomb

A parcel bomb was sent to headquarters of MI6 foreign intelligence service.

MI6 had a spy in heart of Hitler’s high command: Documents

British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 obtained vital secrets from a spy operating in the heart of Hitler’s high command during crucial years of the war, according to new intelligence documents.

MI6 closely observing universities ‘to weed out terrorists’

British secret service agency, MI6, is reportedly keeping a close watch on universities in a bid to weed out fledgling terrorists.