MRI may one day replace biopsy: Study

A new imaging technique that shows the difference between normal and cancerous cells may one day make biopsies a thing of the past.

Now, noninvasive MRI approach that can detect Alzheimer's disease early

Researchers have recently developed a new non-invasive MRI method that can help detect Alzheimer's disease in its early stages.

3D-printed heart models can treat patients better

 An experimental 3D printed model of the heart may help surgeons treat patients born with complicated heart disorders, a significant study shows.

High powered MRI scans identify language centres in brain

A study from the Medical University of Vienna found how 7-Tesla ultra high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could be used to clearly show the brain areas responsible for speech processing and production.

Neymar`s brain is on autopilot while dancing past opponents: Study

Brazilian striker Neymar`s brain activity has suggested that he plays as if on autopilot as it is less than 10 percent the level of amateur players when de dances past his opponents, it has been revealed.

Poulter suffers injury scare ahead of British Open

Ian Poulter has suffered an injury scare with the start of the British Open at Royal Liverpool just days away.

Froome confirms double fracture

Reigning Tour de France champion Chris Froome confirmed Friday he has fractures to his hand and wrist.

Former MVP, Tony Parker sidelined due to back sprain

San Antonio Spurs point-guard Tony Parker has been sidelined due to a back sprain and will miss the NBA team`s upcoming away fixtures.

Sexual assault case: Asaram examined by team of doctors

A medical board constituted to examine incarcerated self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s health, to ascertain if he needs "special food" from outside jail, on Monday examined him in Central jail.

Heading may cause brain trauma, memory loss in footballers: study

Heading a football may cause players to suffer from brain abnormalities and memory loss, a study has revealed.

All med colleges, hospitals to have MRI, CT scan

All six medical colleges and hospitals in Bihar will have MRI and CT scan facilities within the next four months, a health official said Wednesday.

Scientists develop MRI for batteries

MRI has been extremely successful in visualizing disorders and assessing the body`s response to therapy.

Worried Nadal to get MRI on injured left foot

Rafael Nadal felt something "crush" in his left foot and the intense pain immediately made him worry that it might be broken.

Worried Nadal to get MRI on injured left foot

Rafael Nadal felt something "crush" in his left foot and the intense pain immediately made him worry that it might be broken.

See the heart beating on this new MRI system!

German scientists developed one of the world`s most powerful magnetic resonance imaging systems.

MRI may predict stroke onset

Patients who suffer ischemic stroke can be treated with a drug called tissue plasminogen activator.

MRI may help save lives of stroke patients

A new study reveals that MRI of a patient`s brain can accurately predict the time of the onset of stroke.

Full-body MRI help detect child abuse

Whole-body MRI which can easily detect soft-tissue abnormalities, could be used in detecting suspected child abuse in infants.

Brit boy well after world`s first MRI heart Op

A six-year-old British boy is recovering well after becoming the first person in the world to have a valve in his heart widened using an MRI scan rather than X-ray imaging.

Diamonds may revolutionise MRI probe

Diamonds, which have been considered to be a girl’s best friend for long, may now turn out to be a patient`s best friend as well.