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Magma may have made 'Man in the Moon'

Magma may have made 'Man in the Moon'

Scientists have found that the 'Man in the Moon' image on the lunar surface was created by a large plume of magma deep within the Moon's interior.

Satellites can tell if a volcano will erupt

Satellite imagery can be used to predict which volcanoes are most likely to erupt, scientists have found.

Dormant volcanoes can become active quickly

Researchers suggest that the magma sitting 4-5 kilometers beneath the surface of Oregon`s Mount Hood has been stored in near-solid conditions for thousands of years.

Generating electricity from lava a possibility

An accidental encounter of scientists in Iceland with molten lava has opened possibilities of harnessing under surface heat to produce power.

Volcanoes set their own rules for eruption

In ground breaking work, researchers have unearthed why small and giant volcanoes have different frequency and magnitude while erupting.

Risk of supervolcano eruption `to wipe out civilization` far likelier than believed

Researchers have suggested that the risk of eruption of a "supervolcano", hundreds times more powerful than conventional volcanoes -have potential to wipe out civilization - is more likely than believed earlier.

Magma beneath Yellowstone Park much bigger than thought

The molten rock that lies beneath the Yellowstone National Park is much larger than previously thought, according to a new study.

Scientists unlock the mystery of Earth`s formation

New insights gleaned from volcanic rock have helped scientists unlock the mystery of how our planet evolved 4.5 billion years ago.

Screaming volcanoes` secret explained

Swarms of small earthquakes sometimes precede a volcanic eruption at such rapid succession that they create a signal called harmonic tremor, which resembles sounds made by various musical instruments.

Magma Fincorp buys GE Capital's home finance biz for Rs 1,600 cr

While the deal marks the exit of GE Capital's two decades of home loan business in the country, it also marks the entry of Magma into the domain.

Magma Fincorp hopeful of getting insurance licence next year

A company goes through three stages of approval before entering into general insurance business.