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Discovery of 'wind nebula' opens new window into magnetar

Discovery of 'wind nebula' opens new window into magnetar

A neutron star is the crushed core of a massive star that ran out of fuel, collapsed under its own weight, and exploded as a supernova. 

Mystery of magnetars` formation revealed

Researchers have now solved the mystery regarding the formation of magnetars.

New class of supernovae may have originated from magnetars` creation

Researchers have suggested that new class of supernovae could likely be originating from the creation of magnetars.

Mysterious magnetic star reveals its hidden power

The first ever measurement of the magnetic field at a specific spot on the surface of a magnetar has been made by astronomers.

Dead star with super-strong magnetic field discovered

Scientists have discovered that a curious dead star has been hiding one of the strongest magnetic fields in the Universe all along.

Mysterious radio signals from 11 billion light years away detected

Astronomers have discovered micro-bursts of radio waves from beyond the galaxy which has emerged to be a new source of mystery and has left the scientists speculating about their origins.

NASA`s Chandra explores hidden population of exotic neutron stars

A major campaign using NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory and several other satellites has suggested that exotic neutron stars, magnetars may be more diverse-and common-than previously thought.

Second member of rare breed of dead spinning star found

An armada of space-based X-ray telescopes, including ESA’s XMM-Newton, has helped identify a second member of a rare breed of dead, spinning star.