US man prisoned in Zumba paid-sex case

An insurance agent was ordered on Thursday to spend 20 days in jail for helping run a prostitution operation out of his mistress`s Zumba studio and watching secretly videotaped sex acts in Portland.

US Northeast braces for unprecedented winter storm

In addition to heavy snow accumulation, hurricane-force winds are expected in coastal areas.

US N-submarine catches fire, 7 injured

At least seven people were wounded after a fire broke out overnight on a US Navy`s nuclear-powered submarine, the Navy said.

A 12-kg `monster lobster` caught off US coast

`Monster lobster`, weighing over 12 kg and a metre long, caught off the coast of Maine, US.

US: Mitt Romney has narrow Maine caucus win

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney grabbed back some momentum after midweek losses in three states.

iPad 2 tablets for kindergarten students

Kindergarten students in Maine will now learn their ABCs and 123s on the latest iPad 2 tablets.

Several injured as chairs drop from Maine ski lift

A chair lift derailed at Maine`s tallest ski mountain sending skiers plummeting 50 feet.

Lady Gaga to rally in Maine against `don`t ask`

Organizers say Lady Gaga is visiting Maine`s largest city to join a rally against the military`s "don`t ask, don`t tell" policy on gays.

Swift debuts `Mine` music video

The first release from Swift`s new album is due out Oct 25.