New mosquito-targeting insecticide offers hope of 'malaria-free' future

Researchers have come up with a new antibody insecticide that targets malaria mosquitoes.

New drug target for malaria identified

MIT scientists have discovered a new drug target for treatment of the deadly malaria disease.

Viagra may prevent malaria transmission

 The anti-impotence drug Viagra helps eliminate malaria from the blood circulation which may reduce transmission of the deadly parasite from humans to mosquitoes, a new study has found.

World's first malaria vaccine could be available by October

The world's first viable malaria vaccine could be available by as early as October, after final trial results showed it can potentially prevent millions of cases of the deadly disease every year.

Experts warn of malaria's adverse impact on reproductive health

Malaria can have a serious impact on reproductive health, experts said on the occasion of World Malaria Day Saturday, as they pointed out that, although rare, the disease can hamper semen quality in males and increase miscarriage risks in women.

197 malaria cases in Tibetan settlements in 2014

A total of 197 malaria cases were reported from Tibetan settlements across India in 2014, a minister in the Tibetan government-in-exile said here on Saturday.

World Malaria Day 2015: Join the fight to defeat malaria

Irengbam Jenny

Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious and communicable disease caused by parasitic protozoa, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. Around 3.3 billion people in 106 countries are at risk of this life-threatening disease.

3.5 mn additional cases of malaria untreated due to Ebola in 2014

There were 3.5 million extra cases of malaria, which were untreated in the year 2014.

Malaria kills over 1,200 children a day: UNICEF

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said on Thursday that malaria kills more than 1,200 children a day across the world, despite a 40 percent drop in child deaths from the disease since 2000.

Ebola outbreak likely driving malaria deaths: Study

The collapse of health services in three west African countries devastated by Ebola may have caused some 11,000 additional deaths from malaria, a preventable and curable disease, researchers said Friday.

World's first malaria vaccine moves closer to use in Africa

The world`s first malaria vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline, could be approved by international regulators for use in Africa from October after final trial data showed it offered partial protection for up to four years.

Malaria on decline in India, half a million die globally: WHO

India has seen a "major" decline in the number of deaths caused by Malaria in the last three years even as more than half a million people die globally of the deadly mosquito-borne disease, the WHO said Thursday.

Prolonged treatment can 'stress out' drug-resistant malaria

In the global fight against malaria, researchers have discovered how the malaria parasite protects itself by building resistance against the last-line in antimalarial medications and how a new medical treatment can overcome the parasite's defenses.

Poor quality medicines a global threat: Scientists

With globalisation blurring the line between domestic and foreign medicine production, poor quality medicines are a real and urgent global threat, says a new research.

Soon, simple breath-test to sniff out malaria

Scientists have made a new discovery that could open doors for malaria to be detected just from your breath.

Molecular mechanism that makes malaria parasites drug-resistant identified

A team of researchers has made key malarial drug-resistance finding.

Now, herbal tea that fights malaria

A new study has revealed about the journey of the antimalarial tea from herbal remedy to licensed phytomedicine.

Red blood cell traits linked with malaria risk in kids identified

Scientists have identified some red blood cell traits in children that can increase or decrease their risk for malaria disease.

Chemical to trap malaria mosquitoes identified
Chemical to trap malaria mosquitoes identified

In what could give a boost to malaria control efforts, researchers have discovered that pregnant malaria-transmitting mosquitoes are drawn to the odour released by a naturally occurring chemical cedrol.

Mystery behind how malaria kills kids unraveled

In a breakthrough study, scientists have unraveled how malaria kills children every minute.