Gut microbes can reduce severity of malaria

An increased abundance of bacteria common in yogurt was found in the mice that exhibited reduced malaria pathology. 

Malaria infects white-tailed deer too

Malaria infects white-tailed deer too

 While looking for malaria that might infect birds in a US zoo, researchers have accidentally discovered for the first time a malaria parasite that infects the white-tailed deer.

DNA: Malaria biggest enemy of Indian border guards in northeast

Malaria poses a bigger threat than insurgents and smugglers to Border Security Force (BSF) men posted along India's northeastern border with Bangladesh, with many dying of the disease every year, say security officials.

How 'self-sabotage' prevents immune response against malaria

New research has revealed how malaria parasites cause an inflammatory reaction that sabotages our body's ability to protect itself against the disease.

Malaria immune-booster vaccine comes closer to reality

It was the first time scientists had pinpointed why the immune system fails to develop immunity during malaria infection.

Healthy Eating: Top herbal discoveries of 2015!

Zee Media Bureau

Check out some herbal discoveries of 2015 and how these ingredients can play a major role in combating serious diseases

Turmeric may help treat oral cancers

Modified mosquitoes can halt malaria spread

For the first time, malarial mosquitoes have been modified to be infertile and pass on the trait rapidly, raising the possibility of reducing the spread of disease.

Mosquitoes in Delhi: 5 natural remedies to keep them away!

Do you often spend sleepless nights fighting with mosquitoes buzzing in your ears? I am sure, nobody likes it. Here are easy traditional tips that really work against fighting mosquitoes.

How malaria parasite invades initial target liver

Researchers have uncovered an essential interaction between malaria parasites and liver cells.

Children will bear the brunt of climate change, 690 million at risk: UNICEF

Children will bear the brunt of climate change, 690 million at risk: UNICEF

Fearing the consequences of climate change, the UN children's agency has warned that nearly 690 million of the world's 2.3 billion children living in areas most exposed to climate change face higher rates of death, poverty and disease from global warming.

How malaria parasite grows

Malaria is responsible for almost half a million deaths a year, mainly in developing countries. 

Less effective drugs fight malaria more effectively

The fight against malaria can be hard, but a team of researchers has found that the more effective way to beat the disease is to use less effective drugs some of the time.

Relapsing infections can hog-tie malaria eradication

A new study has pointed out that eliminating malaria in the Asia-Pacific could prove more challenging than previously thought as most childhood malaria infections in the endemic areas are the result of relapsed, not new, infections.

WHO expert panel urges pilot roll-out of first malaria vaccine

The panel said the Mosquirix or RTS,S vaccine, should be given in three to five different areas with moderate-to-high malaria transmission, reaching up to a million children.

Why promising malaria vaccine partly protected kids

Using new technology, researchers found new biological evidence to help explain why the malaria vaccine candidate RTS,S/AS01 provided only moderate protection among vaccinated children during clinical testing.

Protective effects of RTS,S malaria vaccine candidate

An team of researchers has used cutting edge genomic methods to uncover key biological insights that help explain the protective effects of the world's most advanced malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S/AS01 (RTS,S).

2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine for fighting malaria has roots in India?

Senior scientist from Hyderabad, Dr Sunil Kumar Verma has challenged the basis of giving the Nobel prize to Youyou Tu for the discovery of Artemisinin

Tribal health care discussed at special workshop

 Malaria, maternal mortality and fluorosis are some of the diseases which were discussed at a special workshop on tribal health issues in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district, an official statement said here on Thursday.

Scientists 'accidentally' stumble upon cure for cancer!

The researchers were hunting for a way of protecting pregnant women from malaria, which can cause huge problems because it attacks the placenta.

Myanmar wants to get rid of malaria by 2030

Myanmar has set a target of getting rid of malaria by 2030, authorities said on Sunday.