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Human breast milk is complex than other mammals

After one month, when the infant begins developing an adaptive immune system of his or her own, the composition of breast milk transitions so that levels of maternal antibodies drop by more than 90 percent.

For many species, noise pollution can be deadly

For many species, noise pollution can be deadly

The disoriented damselfish were six times less likely to dart away from an attack, and more than twice as likely to wind up as some other fish`s meal, the study found.

Ancient mammals could regrow limbs: Study

The fossils used in the study derive from the collections of a number of Natural history museums among them the Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin.

Mammalian reproductive system highly-developed 48 million years ago

The fossil was discovered at the Messel pit near Frankfurt, Germany, and studied by Jens Lorenz Franzen and colleagues from Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt.

Rodent-like mammal survived dinosaur extinction

The discovery of a new fossil has given scientists an insight into how rodent-like mammal survived extinction of dinosaurs.

Turns out fishes too watch each others` back

 Fishes may be better at helping each other out than previously believed as a new study suggests that some of them really do look after their mates.

How deep-diving whales may help create synthetic blood

As per a recent study, deep-diving whales can hold answer for synthetic blood.

Fish too look after their mates!

 When it comes to helping each other out, it turns out that some fish are better at it than previously thought as researchers have found that pairs of rabbitfish cooperate and support each other while feeding.

Male seahorse nourishes baby like human mom

 Male seahorses play as much a part in nurturing embryos during pregnancy as female mammals, suggests a new study. Previously their role, other than as pouch provider, was largely a mystery.

Scarface: New species of pre-mammal discovered in Zambia

Venomousness is rare among mammals and their extinct relatives but scientists have now identified a new species of venomous relative of mammals in Zambia.

Pandas may have unique body clock

Pandas may have unique body clock

Unlike other mammals who are typically active either during the day, night or during twilight - at dawn and dusk - pandas may have a unique activity pattern. They are most active in the morning, afternoon and midnight, says a new study.

Caught on camera: Anaconda gives birth to live snakes!

Caught on camera: Anaconda gives birth to live snakes!

Behold the wonders of nature! It is very well known that snakes are known to lay eggs when it is about time to release their offspring.

50 percent mammals face habitat loss: Govt

Scientific studies conducted by many organisations have shown that around 50 per cent of mammals are facing habitat loss due to biotic pressures, Lok Sabha was informed today.

Mammals evolved fastest during mid-Jurassic era: Study

Mammals underwent a rapid `burst` of evolutionary change that reached its peak around the middle of the Jurassic age around 145-200 million years ago, a study says.

Humans can 'speak' like bats and dolphins

 An ultrasonic microphone has been developed to help humans communicate in the manner bats and dolphins do through ultrasonic waves.

Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals, says study

Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals, says study

 Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals that had many traits in common with mammals, claims a new study.

Hearing ability evolved independently in mammals, birds

Hearing ability evolved independently in mammals, birds

The eardrum and hearing evolved independently in mammals and diapsids - a taxonomic group that includes reptiles and birds, new research has found.

Whale genealogy gives new insight into evolution: Research

New Zealand researchers said they have developed the world's most comprehensive family tree of one of the largest and most unusual animals ever to live.

Longer life may lie in more number of anti-inflammatory genes

A new study has revealed that more anti-inflammatory genes mean longer lifespan for mammals.

Bats take milliseconds to take decisions

Bats take milliseconds to take decisions

Bats can make ultra-fast decisions about how to attack their prey or even call off the attack and it just takes milliseconds, a new study has found.