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Clinical breast exam – What is it? Why, how often should you get it done?

Clinical breast exam (CBE) is a physical exam of the breasts and the underarm by a trained health professional.

Biennial mammography necessary for women: Study

The evidence can be considered for public health recommendations for average risk women, the researchers suggested while adding, “none of us is the 'average' woman." 

Ultrasound effective in detecting breast cancer: Study

The researchers found that the number of ultrasound screens to detect breast cancer was comparable to that of mammography.

Breast cancer screening curbs death risk by 40 percent

For women aged 50-69, mammography screenings reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer by 40 percent compared to those who are not screened, says a study.

Breast cancer recovery not linked to family history

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and have a family history of the disease may recover after treatment just as well as other women with breast cancer, new research says.

Now, simple blood test to predict future risk of breast cancer

Good news for women! Scientists have come up with a simple bold test to predict future risk of breast cancer.

Educated women avoid breast screening tests: Lancet

Women who understand the risk of over-detection and over-diagnosis associated with mammography screening are less likely to have a breast screening test, new research has found.

New device may ease mammography discomfort

 Researchers have developed a new device that may result in more comfortable mammography for women.

`It is a myth that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer will have a family history of the disease`

As per statistics, as many as 1.6 million cases are reported annually. In rural India, 1 in 60 women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, whereas in cities 1 in every 28 women is likely to suffer from the disease.

Night lights can wake up breast cancer cells

Sleeping at night with the lights on can not only add to your energy consumption, but also wake up breast cancer cells, a study suggests.

Gel lowers blood clot risk for breast cancer patients

A gel form of a popular drug taken orally to prevent breast cancer has brought cheers for such patients as this can reduce the growth of cancer cells with minimum side effects.

Tamoxifen is an oral drug that is used for breast cancer prevention and as therapy for non-invasive breast cancer and invasive cancer.

Manufacturers of medical devices from Japan focuses on advance technology

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women globally. But, if the disease can be detected at early stage, the cure is possible.

Breast cancer: Five things what young women should know!

Even as the incidence of breast cancer among Indian women has risen in the last 25 years, following an accurate diet plan and making physical activity as part of your daily schedule can help lower the risk of developing the disease.

Detection of breast cancer with light comes closer to reality

An Indian origin researcher has developed a prototype of a new imaging tool that may one day help to detect breast cancer early, when it is most treatable.

Advanced breast cancer detecting machine comes to India

An advanced digital breast cancer detecting machine with the capability to see the lesions in breasts with much more clarity than ever before was unveiled in the national capital Sunday.

Sanjay Dutt launches new `mobile mammography` van in Mumbai

Sanjay Dutt, along with his sister Priya, recently inaugurated and handed over a mobile mammography unit to a leading oncologist Dr. Advani`s `Helping Hand` Foundation.

5 ways to cut breast cancer risk

There are at least five simple ways women can follow to reduce their risk of getting breast cancer.

Soy supplements may not protect against breast cancer

Soy isoflavone supplements have failed to decrease breast cancer cell proliferation.

Soon, breast cancer could be detected from hair

An Australian company is developing a hair test to screen for breast cancer, and it says that the test could become a viable alternative to mammography.

Stay fit `to beat breast cancer`

Want to beat breast cancer? All you need to do is to stay fit by doing daily workouts, ladies.