South Africa unites in prayer for Mandela

Nelson Mandela once again united South Africans on Sunday as people irrespective of their colour and creed flocked into churches, mosques and temples to mark a `Day of prayers` for the anti-apartheid icon.

White South Africans` uneasy love affair with Mandela

The sidewalk blackboard outside the pizza parlour in South Africa`s quaint seaside village Kalk Bay, inhabited mainly by whites, changed for the first time in months on Friday.

Huge launch for Mandela biopic by S African Indian producer

Nearly two decades in the making, the USD 33 million Nelson Mandela biopic `Mandela ? The Long Walk to Freedom` premiered in Johannesburg at a gala event hosted by internationally-renowned Indian-South African producer Anant Singh.

Mandela could soon be discharged, says Mbeki

A former president of South Africa says he expects Nelson Mandela to soon be discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home.

Mandela family divided over his burial site

While former South African president Nelson Mandela is still fighting for his life in a hospital, his family is squabbling over his final resting place.

Mandela back home after spending night in hospital

Anti-apartheid icon and former South African President Nelson Mandela was back home on Sunday after spending a night in hospital where he underwent a "successful medical examination", the president`s office said.

Mandela son-in-law won`t be extradited to US

A South African court has
refused a US request that the son-in-law of former South
African President Nelson Mandela be sent to Connecticut to
face sexual assault charges.

Mandela letters show jail heartbreak: Report

Letters penned in jail by Nelson Mandela reveal his anguish at being separated from his family.

Mandela `was furious with Blair over Iraq invasion`

Nelson Mandela got so
furious at Britain joining the 2003 invasion of Iraq that he
made a blistering phone call to then Welsh Secretary Peter
Hain, a new book has revealed.

Mandela charity trustee who hid Campbell’s ‘blood diamonds’ quits

The former head of the Nelson Mandela Children`s Fund (NMCF), Jeremy Ractliffe, has resigned from the charity`s board after admitting he secretly kept ‘blood diamonds’ received from supermodel Naomi Campbell 13 years ago.

Gandhian philosophy inspired Mandela, Kennedy: Krishna

External Affairs Minister S M
Krishna on Saturday underlined the contemporary relevance of the
Gandhian philosophy, saying it had inspired some of the
greatest leaders of our generation.

Mandela meets runner at center of gender uproar

Former President Nelson Mandela has congratulated South African runner Caster Semenya, whose dramatic improvement, deep voice and muscular build have sparked questions about her gender.

Hillary Clinton says inspired by Mandela

Hillary Clinton has said she felt new inspiration after meeting Nelson Mandela, hailing his personal discipline as he fought SA`s apartheid regime.