Philippines `hypocritical` on South China Sea: Beijing

Beijing escalated its war of words with the Philippines over the South China Sea on Friday, decrying Manila as "hypocritical" for criticising its land reclamation works in the area.

Islamic militant group leader captured in Philippines: Military

Philippine security forces have arrested the head of a small Islamic militant group who was involved in protecting one of the United States` "most wanted terrorists", the military said Monday.

Buffalo gores abattoir butchers then rampages through Manila

A water buffalo gored two butchers at a slaughterhouse before going on a rampage through the Philippine capital on Saturday, terrorising hundreds of people and tossing furniture in the lobby of a small hotel.

Philippine military says 73 Muslim rebels dead in offensive

The Philippine military says its forces have killed 73 hard-line Muslim rebels and a suspected foreign militant in a three-week offensive in the restive south, where 44 anti-terror police commandos were killed in January by insurgents.

WWII Japan shipwreck salvage unlikely: Filipino official

The presumed wreck of one of Japan`s most famous World War II battleships whose discovery in the Philippines was announced by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen this week is unlikely to be salvaged, an official suggested Saturday.

Philippines to charge Australian on child sex charges

Philippine prosecutors said on Thursday they will file human trafficking and murder charges against an Australian man who allegedly sexually assaulted babies and children as part of a booming cyber-sex trade.

4,000 Filipinos still in Libya despite growing danger: Govt

Around 4,000 Filipinos remain in Libya despite the North African country's perilous security situation, staying put for higher salaries in spite of the risks presented by rival armed groups to migrant workers, the Philippines said on Thursday.

24 Abu Sayyaf militants killed in Philippines

At least 24 Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) militants were killed and 27 injured as a military operation against the group entered its fourth day in Philippines` Sulu province, officials said Saturday.

Toll in Philippine clashes with Islamists rises to 26

A military assault on Islamic militants in the southern Philippines entered its fifth day on Saturday, with the toll rising to 24 guerrillas and two soldiers dead, officials said.

US flies advanced spy plane over disputed sea: Officials

The United States has flown its most advanced surveillance plane from a military base in the Philippines over flashpoint areas of the South China Sea, Filipino authorities said on Friday.

Manny Pacquiao must find renewed focus in Floyd Mayweather bout
Manny Pacquiao must find renewed focus in Floyd Mayweather bout

Manny Pacquiao may be a hero in his native Philippines but even his fans and associates admit he will be the underdog in his bout against undefeated Floyd Mayweather in the "fight of the century".

Foreign birdwatchers nearly caught in Philippine gun battle

A group of birdwatchers from Britain, Denmark and Australia narrowly avoided getting caught in a gun battle between the Philippines military and insurgents that left their guide wounded, officials said on Saturday.

Philippine rebels promise help on militants as peace bid stalls

Muslim rebels in the Philippines promised the government on Thursday they would help track down a wanted militant in a bid to save a peace process thrown into doubt by a clash in which 44 policemen were killed.

Philippines, Indonesia sign anti-drug trafficking accord

Indonesia and the Philippines on Monday signed an agreement on combatting drug crime, despite ongoing efforts by Manila to prevent the execution of a Filipina on Indonesian death row for heroin smuggling.

Toll of Filipino commandos killed in rebel clash rises to 43

At least 43 Philippine police commandos were killed in a fierce battle with Muslim guerrillas after launching an assault in which they may have killed one of southeast Asia's most-wanted terrorists, officials said on Monday.

Pope rows back from `rabbits` comments, praises large families

Pope Francis on Wednesday described large families as a "gift from God", just days after he said Catholics did not need to "breed like rabbits".

Pope Francis winds up Asia tour, draws record turnout at rain-soaked Mass in Manila
Pope Francis winds up Asia tour, draws record turnout at rain-soaked Mass in Manila

Having attracted a record turnout of over six millions at a rain-drenched Mass in Manila, Pope Francis left Philippines on Monday, winding up a week-long Asia tour that also saw him visit Sri Lanka.

Pope attracts world-record crowd in wet Philippines
Pope attracts world-record crowd in wet Philippines

 Pope Francis said a huge open-air Mass for a rain-drenched crowd of millions in the Philippine capital on Sunday, after appealing to the world to "learn how to cry" over the plight of poor, hungry, homeless and abused children.

Pope flees Philippine storm while on typhoon mercy mission

Pope Francis was forced Saturday to flee a fierce storm in the Philippines that killed a papal volunteer, cutting short a mercy mission to weeping survivors of a catastrophic super typhoon.

With Pope's ear, Philippines President rebukes clergy over hair joke

Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Friday lashed out against vocal clergy in the mostly Catholic country who have spoken out against everything from a controversial contraceptive law to his hair, or lack of it.