Philippines picks up pieces after storm leaves five dead

Thousands of people displaced by floods triggered by tropical storm Fung-Wong returned to their mud-caked homes in the Philippine capital Saturday, as the death toll from the disaster rose to five, officials said.

Tropical storm flooding paralyses Philippine capital, 1 dead

Tens of thousands of people fled roof-high floods and one girl drowned in the Philippine capital on Friday as another vicious storm swept across the disaster-plagued country.

Tropical storm Fung-Wong flooding shuts down Manila

Heavy rains brought by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fung-Wong shut down the Philippine capital Manila on Thursday, stranding motorists and forcing tens of thousands to flee their flooded homes, officials said.

Heavy rain floods Philippine capital; markets, schools shut

A tropical storm dumped heavy rain on the Philippine capital on Friday, flooding many parts of the city, shutting schools, government offices and financial markets.

Canadian Islamist preacher to be deported from Philippines

A Canadian Islamic preacher detained for being a security threat in the Philippines has agreed to be deported, an immigration official said Saturday.

Philippines detains Canadian Islamist preacher

A Canadian Islamic preacher has been detained in the Philippines, where authorities deemed him a potential threat to national security, the immigration bureau said on Thursday.

Philippines foils `anti-China` bombing plot: Govt

Three men arrested over a foiled attempt to bomb the Philippine capital`s airport were also planning to attack the Chinese embassy and one of Manila`s biggest malls, authorities said Tuesday.

Car bomb found at Philippines` main airport: Authorities

Three people were arrested after a bomb was found in a van parked at Manila`s international airport, but there was no ongoing safety threat for travellers, authorities said Monday.

Philippines seeking defence ties with India after China's moves

Worried over increasingly aggressive moves of China to stake claim on disputed reefs in the South China Sea, the Philippines is looking at establishing defense cooperation with allies, including India, a top official said here.

Philippine police smash online child ``sextortion`` ring

Philippine police on Friday arrested eight people suspected of running an online sexual extortion racket involving children and preying on Asians, seizing laptops and other equipment.

Philippine leader may seek controversial second term

Philippine President Benigno Aquino has said he may try to change the constitution and serve a second term in office, a stunning announcement in a nation haunted by dictatorship.

Philippine city offers bounties for dead rats

A Philippine city is offering bounties for dead rats in an effort to prevent a repeat of a deadly epidemic spread by rodent urine, an official said on Wednesday.

Philippines sending ship for workers trapped in Libya

The Philippines said Tuesday it would send a ship to pick up at least 700 of its nationals trapped in strife-torn Libya as it presses on with efforts to rescue thousands of workers.

Philippines urges workers in Libya to leave while they can

The Philippines urged its thousands of workers in Libya on Saturday to leave the strife-torn nation now while they still can, warning that the remaining exit routes were closing fast.

16 killed in Philippines in Islamist militants` attack

At least 16 people were killed and 13 injured Monday in an ambush staged by members of the militants group Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, an official said.

One dead as hundreds flee false tsunami alert in Philippines

A false tsunami alarm left one person dead and prompted hundreds of others to flee their homes in the Philippines, where natural disasters are frequent, a civil defence official said on Wednesday.

Typhoon Rammasun toll in Philippines rises to 77

The number of people killed by typhoon Rammasun in the Philippines has risen to 77, authorities said Saturday.

Typhoon power woes in Philippines as death toll hits 38

Millions of people in the Philippines endured a second sweltering day without power today after a ferocious typhoon paralysed the capital and tore down flimsy rural homes, claiming at least 38 lives.

Typhoon kills 10 in Philippines, shuts, cuts power, prompts evacuation

Typhoon Rammasun shut down the Philippine capital on Wednesday as authorities said the first major storm of the country`s brutal rainy season claimed at least four lives and forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate.

Six Philippine troops killed in friendly fire: Military

Six Philippine soldiers who were killed in one of the bloodiest clashes against al Qaeda-linked militants this year were hit by friendly fire, the military acknowledged Friday.