New cheaper, easier route identified for manned mission to Mars
New cheaper, easier route identified for manned mission to Mars

Mathematicians have recently mapped out a new cheaper and easier route for manned mission to Mars, it has been reported.

Here comes NASA suit for men on Mars

With the focus being shifted to a manned mission for Mars in near future, NASA is developing technologies astronauts one day will use to live and work with on the red planet.

Manned mission to Mars by 2030 actually possible

A panel of experts has claimed that a manned mission to Mars could be feasible by the 2030s.

SpaceX passes NASA’s safety review, targets manned mission in 2017

Your dream of taking a private spaceflight would soon become a reality with the space transport firm SpaceX successfully passing the NASA’s safety reviews test.

Manned mission to Mars would threaten Martian life

It may take decades before astronauts could set foot on Mars, but scientists have warned that humans could be a danger to the planet’s native if they land on it.

Space war: Russian base on the moon

Aiming to create the first base on the surface of the moon, Russia has started building a spacecraft for manned lunar missions with the first test scheduled for 2015, the project developer said.

Russia launches manned mission to ISS

The crew to the ISS includes Oleg Kononenko from Russia, Andre Kuipers from ESA and Donald Pettit from NASA.