Severe exercise may lead to blood poisoning

Over four hours of exercise daily can cause intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream, leading to blood poisoning, new research says.

Meet 116 years old Dharampal Singh Gujjar,world's oldest athlete

Meet Dharampal Singh Gujjar,world's oldest athlete who has put old age to shame and continues to participate in marathons and contests.

Extreme exercise 'not best way to lose weight'

A new study has found that extreme exercise may not help in reducing weight, in fact, it may do the opposite.

Investigators `very close` in pursuit of Boston bomber

Footage from surveillance videos showed a man carrying and dropping a black bag believed to have held one of two bombs.

Boston Marathon: Indian-American surgeon emerges as hero

Dr Vivek Shah, who works at New England Baptist Hospital, was about to cross the finish line when he was put to the ultimate test.

We will find you: Barack Obama to Boston bombers

US President Barack Obama vowed that investigators would find the bombers who attacked the Boston marathon and make them accountable.

Over 30,000 expected to join Delhi half-marathon

Over 30,000 sports, health and fitness enthusiasts expected to participate in this year`s edition of `Airtel Delhi Half Marathon`, a statement said on Friday.

Marathons `could damage heart`

Jogging may be okay, but going for extreme endurance events like marathons could take a toll on your health.