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When fish would experience 'mountaineering effect'

 Global warming would result in warmer water temperatures that would in turn speed up the aquatic animals' metabolic need for oxygen.

Earth`s wobble provides marine organisms with food

The cyclic wobble of the Earth on its axis helps control the production of a nutrient that is essential to ocean`s health, a new study has revealed.

Ancient tentacled creature `early member of small marine organisms`

In a new study, researchers have shed light on a peculiar tentacled marine creature that lived 520 million years ago.

Small marine organisms can impact world`s climate

Scientists including one of Indian origin have showed that warmer ocean temperatures could alter populations of phytoplankton and thus have an impact on climate change.

New antibiotic compound from marine organisms developed

Scientists claimed to have developed a new antibiotic compound from marine organisms which they say could combat a number of multi-drug resistant bacteria.