Mars Express flybys `within touching distance` of Red Planet`s moon

Mars Express made its closest fly-by yet of Red Planet`s moon, Phobos, skimming past at only 45 km above its surface, on Dec. 29.

ESA’s Mars Express relays images of ‘Rocknest3’

ESA’s Mars orbiter has for the first time relayed scientific data, including detailed images of ‘Rocknest3’, from NASA’s Curiosity rover on the Red Planet’s surface.

Mars Express helps create best orbital model of Deimos

A new study using images taken by ESA’s Mars Express orbiter has provided the best orbital model of the Martian moon Deimos to date.

Recent craters observed on Mars

Newly released images taken by ESA’s Mars Express show an unusual accumulation of young craters in the large outflow channel called Ares Vallis.

Mars Express finds deep fractures on the planet

Newly released images show a system of deep fractures in the crust around the Isidis impact basin.

Mars Express to unravel origin of mysterious moon Phobos

Reports indicate that Mars Express has begun a series of flybys of Phobos, the largest moon of Mars, which might untangle the origin of this mysterious moon.

Mars Express takes amazing views of chaotic terrain on Red Planet

Mars Express recently flew over the boundary between Kasei Valles and Sacra Fossae and imaged the region, acquiring spectacular views of the chaotic terrain in the area.