NASA`s next lander to probe Red Planet`s past

Giving new wings to NASA`s Mars mission, a new lander - slated to be launched next year - will look into the inner workings and early stages of the Red Planet`s development billions of years ago.

Australian woman leads NASA`s search for life on Mars

Abigail Allwood, an Australian geologist becomes the first woman to lead an important venture: NASA’s search for life on Mars. Named one of the world’s top 10 scientific minds in 2006, she is considered to be ``extraordinary brilliant``.

Asteroids key to future Mars missions: NASA

Near-earth asteroids provide a unique opportunity to test the new technologies and capabilities we need for future human missions to Mars, NASA has said.

NASA successfully tests `saucer shaped` vehicle for future Mars missions

NASA has recently tested an effective saucer shaped vehicle technology that could be used for future Mars missions.

Trajectory correction of Mars mission likely by June 11

Indian Space Research Organisation is likely to perform its next trajectory correction manoeuvre on its Mars Orbiter mission on June 11.

Health risks of Mars mission would exceed NASA limits

Efforts to send humans to Mars would likely expose them to health risks beyond the limits of what NASA currently allows, an independent panel of medical experts said today.

India`s Mars mission 200 days away from reaching destination

India`s ambitious maiden inter- planetary voyage Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), launched in November last year, has covered over 21 million km and as of today is exactly 200 days away from reaching the red planet`s orbit on September 24.

Mars One mission to use new `People`s Map of Mars`

Netherlands based non-profit organization Mars One has signed a deal with space-funding company Uwingu to use a new "People`s Map of Mars" for all of its missions to the Red planet.

Mars mission will mark beginning of glorious chapter: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday wished success to the forthcoming Mars Orbiter programme, saying the mission will mark the beginning of a new glorious chapter for India in space explorations.

One-way trip to Mars? Sign me up, says Frenchwoman

A comfortable, middle-class Parisian life may be the envy of many people, but Florence Porcel would give it all up to be among the first Earthlings to settle on Mars - even with no option of return.

62 Indians shortlisted for one-way trip to Mars

Over 1,000 aspirants, including 62 from India, have been shortlisted for an ambitious private mission to send four men and women on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024.

Mars Orbiter spacecraft all set for 300-day voyage to the Red Planet

India’s Mars Orbiter spacecraft is set to begin its 300-day voyage to the Red Planet on Sunday.

NASA`S Mars mission rocket on pad for Monday launch

The US space agency NASA Saturday rolled out to the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Atlas 5 rocket, which will blast off Monday for Mars carrying the MAVEN spacecraft.

ISRO performs last orbit raising manoeuvre on its Mars mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today performed the last of the five orbit-raising manoeuvre on its Mars Orbiter in the early hours, raising the apogee (farthest point from Earth) of the spacecraft to over 1.92 lakh km.

Final orbit raising to take MOM to height of 2 lakh kms

The Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) plans to raise the orbit of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) to an apogee height of 2,00,000 kms by November 30.

Mars mission will enthuse young minds in studying space: Kalam

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam Tuesday said that the country`s Mars mission would not only help in learning technology and mission implementation but also enthuse young minds in further exploring the outer space.

ISRO could have taken more time, done homework for MOM: Rao

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister C N R Rao on Friday said the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) could have taken more time and "done homework" on the country`s maiden mission to Mars.

India`s Mars Mission on track; orbit to be raised on Thursday

India has joined the big league - United States, Russia and France – with the successful launch of its most ambitious project the Mars Orbiter Mission ‘Mangalyaan’.

India`s Mars mission `a symbolic coup` against China: US media

India`s successful launch of its Mars mission has been described by the mainstream American media as "technological leap" and "a symbolic coup" against China in this field.

Experts hail `Mangalyaan` launch, say it`s time to take "broader" view

Despite criticism about the mission, the successful launch of `Mangalyaan` Tuesday saw the scientific community in the country hailing the milestone achieved by ISRO.